Alan Cudney

12月 282017

At a time of unprecedented financial challenges – from payment shifts and regulatory mandates to aging populations – our nation’s hospitals are awash in data.  Clearly, there is a need for analytics capabilities to make health care more efficient, cost-effective and satisfying to patients and providers alike. In the October [...]

Building effective tools for population health management was published on SAS Voices by Alan Cudney

5月 232017

In a recent Computerworld feature, Deanna Wise, Executive Vice President and CIO of Dignity Health, encouraged forward-thinking CIOs to develop partnerships within their organizations to drive better customer experiences that translate into revenue. Wise has a strong record of doing just that, collaborating with SAS to implement advanced analytics throughout [...]

The CIO's evolving role in the age of analytics was published on SAS Voices by Alan Cudney

11月 032016

Electronic health records (EHRs) and the overall advancement of information technology have produced a tsunami of data that must be stored, managed and used. Some had naively hoped that EHRs would bring a simpler, more streamlined industry. Instead, we’re finding that the delivery and management of health care is more […]

Four ways to continue the health care transformation was published on SAS Voices.