Alison Bolen

10月 172018

What can you learn about wildfires when you provide a room full of analysts with 7 years of US wildfire data and the tools they need to analyze it? A lot. At a recent data dive, we plit 35 data scientists into 9 teams, provided multiple data sets containing information [...]

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8月 182018

Get ready to have your mind blown. Whether or not you plan to attend Analytics Experience in San Diego on September 17, you'll be inspired by the speakers we have lined up to keynote the event. There's an inventor. A data scientist. A world class athlete. And a photographer. They've [...]

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9月 202017

Healthcare, like many industries, is in the midst of a paradigm shift, says Chris Donovan, Executive Director of Enterprise Information Management & Analytics for the Cleveland Clinic. "Historically, healthcare was really about intervention, and about taking care of you when you were sick and getting you better." That type of care [...]

How Cleveland Clinic and Cox Automotive are transforming with analytics was published on SAS Voices by Alison Bolen

9月 182017

As marketers, “Our future lies in our ability to create really interesting things,” says Robert Rose, Senior Advisor at The Content Advisory. The flip side of that, however, is that many marketers today are “expected to be on demand pdf creation machines.” To accomplish these two contradictory goals requires strategy, [...]

How can marketing and IT work better together? was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

8月 312017

What’s new and what’s on the horizon for machine learning and analytics? We asked Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist and Executive Advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton, what machine learning technologies he’s watching. He focused his reply on applications, not algorithms. “When I think about what’s new and coming up, I [...]

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4月 032017

What is SAS Global Forum if it isn't a conference that celebrates the ways that individuals can make a difference with data and analytics? Indeed, one of my favorite tweets from last night's opening session said: If the keynote sessions were just video biographies about how data people matter I would [...]

Data-for-good takes center stage at SAS Global Forum was published on SAS Voices by Alison Bolen

2月 252017

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to iteratively learn from data and finds hidden insights in data without being explicitly programmed where to look or how to find the answer. Here at SAS, we hear questions every day about machine learning: what it is, how it compares to [...]

12 machine learning articles to catch you up on the latest trend was published on SAS Voices by Alison Bolen

9月 222016

We have consolidated The Analytic Insurer blog with the SAS Voices blog.  All future posts intended for The Analytic Insurer will be published on SAS Voices. Please update your bookmarks and your RSS feeds with these links to make sure you don’t miss future posts: SAS Voices blog SAS Voices RSS feed […]

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7月 152016

Powered in equal parts by data, mobility and innovation, the collaborative economy has changed the way we think about automobiles, travel accommodations, office space, living space – and so much more. When anyone can open an app to borrow money from a crowd, order a gourmet dinner from a neighbor, or rent an […]

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4月 282016

As American football teams prepare to select new team members later today, fans and pundits can only guess how the draft will turn out. Will your favorite professional team make good picks? And will your favorite college players go to good teams? With high stakes and billions of possible outcomes, […]

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