Alyssa Farrell

9月 142018

What’s that buzz on the power line? It’s AI, of course! But what is AIoT, you ask?  It is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to data from smart devices connected by the Internet of Things (IoT). AI is the science of training systems to perform human tasks through learning and automation. [...]

Five ways that AIoT delivers value to utilities was published on SAS Voices by Alyssa Farrell

3月 032018

You’ve probably heard the stats about the number of internet-connected devices, which make up the Internet of Things (IoT). Most likely, you’re part of the narrative. We're all connected in new ways and through more devices than ever before. Sometimes IoT impacts our daily lives – safety sensors on cars, [...]

Three energy trends that are actually IoT opportunities was published on SAS Voices by Alyssa Farrell

8月 292017

Widespread flooding. Downed power lines. Broken poles. Failed transformers and breakers. Leaking pipes. Shut down refineries. The toll that a catastrophic storm takes on the energy value chain is significant.  A functioning power grid, clean water and reliable fuel sources are critical for public safety and economic recovery. Even with [...]

After the storm: Analytics help energy companies anticipate and recover was published on SAS Voices by Alyssa Farrell

6月 082017

Utilities can save as much as $10 million a year for every one percent improvement in forecast accuracy by optimizing asset utilization and trading strategies. Changing energy markets and an influx of data from the smart grid are providing more opportunities to reap value from energy forecasting. Improving energy forecasts [...]

From gigawatts to gigabytes: What would you do with an improved energy forecast? was published on SAS Voices by Alyssa Farrell

1月 262017

Tell me if you’ve heard this before:  Your company hired (or re-titled) a talented data scientist and they have great skills and no data. Or they're marginalized by IT because they're misunderstood. They're offered “cleansed” data that will fit into the hardware provisioned. What they want is “all” relevant data […]

4 tips for the utility data scientist was published on SAS Voices.

12月 222016

The utility industry is ripe with analytic opportunities.  Usually, when I share that perspective, thoughts immediately jump to making the energy grid more efficient. Certainly, there are efficiencies to gain with improved data about where power is being consumed and the sources that are available to support it. However, there […]

Who is and is not paying for heat this winter? was published on SAS Voices.

10月 052016

Energy suppliers are fighting for prime position in the domestic energy supply market. Disillusioned customers, increased competition due to a flood of new entrants and tighter regulations are forcing suppliers to reassess their business models. According to UK regulator Ofgem, there were 3.8 million account switches in the first six […]

Big data customer analytics key to high-performing energy companies was published on SAS Voices.

5月 122016

Research indicates that IoT and Machine Learning are more valuable to utilities when used in combination but there are hurdles to overcome first. Machine learning and IoT will enable utilities to better realize the next generation of the power grid: a distributed system with power flows among millions of things […]

Machine Learning: An invited guest to the IoT party? was published on SAS Voices.

1月 272016

The Internet of Things (IoT), sensors and connected devices are all the buzz leading up to DistribuTECH (Feb 9-11), so I sat down with one of our IoT specialists, Lorry Hart to learn more. Lorry will be at DistribuTECH to support our joint demonstration with Intel and gave me the […]

SAS brings real-time sensors and analytics to 2016 DistribuTECH was published on SAS Voices.

6月 092015

Operations technology (OT), such as control systems, are crucial elements in our daily lives. They make the stoplights function at intersections. They guide robots with precise movements on the shop floor. Their switches and routers are the backbone of our internet. But what if they were even more intelligent? What […]

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