Andrew Pease

7月 282017

I hate my title, but I’m going to stick with it. In spite of it, I hope I can encourage you to pay attention to the current automation revolution and actively contribute to augmention-fueled innovation. If everyone understands those terms and actively tries to stay on top of how they [...]

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3月 142017

Image recognition is a hot and hyped topic in machine learning, artificial intelligence and other technology circles. Computer vision technology is essential for realizing advancements like driverless cars, face recognition, medical outcomes predictions, and a host of other breakthrough innovations. Amidst the hype, organizations large and small are trying to understand the [...]

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8月 082016

There has been much discussion about the relationship between data science and artificial intelligence. It can become a complicated dance when applied data science is partnered with emerging artificial intelligence technologies. Who takes the lead? How do we keep the beat? Can we make sure neither party steps on the […]

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4月 042016

I've got scale on my mind! While speeding down the rails from Brussels to Paris on the TGV (the sleek, high-speed train), the scale of speed is breathtaking. In previous generations, going from Brussels to Paris for a single-day meeting would have inevitably involved a plane, with check-ins, security, travel […]

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3月 032016

There’s been quite a lot of chatter lately about my Boston Red Sox and their recent shift ‘away’ from using analytics or ‘sabermetrics,’ as data science is often referred to in baseball (Jeff Passan, one of my favorite baseball writers, chimes in here – Forbes also commented that the Sox are […]

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2月 052016

Shocking headlines to start the new year: Paul DePodesta is leaving the New York Mets and Major League Baseball (MLB) to take a top office position at the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL). Not so shocked? You don’t care? Who’s Paul De Podesta? Well for those of […]

Will Paul DePodesta + sports analytics = improved safety for NFL Players? was published on SAS Voices.

9月 112015

The benefits of big data often depend on taming unstructured data. However, in international contexts, customer comments, employee notes, external websites, and the social media labyrinth are not exclusively written in English, or any single language for that matter. The Tower of Babel lives and it is in your unstructured […]

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9月 072015

Along with the data scientist hype, analytics and the people who make them work have found themselves in the spotlight. The trend has also put an emphasis on the "science" aspects of analysis, such as a data focus, statistical rigor, controlled experiments and the like. Now, I’m not at all against adding more […]

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7月 242015

Luckily, or perhaps better said, hopefully, we only need to make the big life decisions every now and then. What school to go to? Who to marry? What job to take? Where to live? There’s no penultimate sanswer to these decisions, but we all take them to the best of […]

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1月 232015
Big Data is dead. Long live big data. Of course that’s not true. Finding good, relevant data IS important. Having a wide range of analytic techniques and approaches DOES provide competitive advantage. But when data outgrows our ability to simply process it, only analytics give us the ability to extract […]