Charu Shankar

2月 092018

Want to see my newly minted certified professional badge? Scroll down to take a peek. Yes, I managed to successfully complete the Base SAS Programmer certification exam… with, ahem, flying colors I might add. Here are my tips to tackle the Base SAS certification exam: 1.  Get clear on the [...]

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2月 022018

Do you know what the #1 fear in North America is? Most people say fear of public speaking or fear of death, but you may just want to consider this new fear upping the charts - the fear of writing a SAS Certification exam! The real test begins before even [...]

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1月 242018

Well! I did it! I conducted a workshop for internal SAS employees wishing to take SAS certification. The workshop was to help them understand the following: SAS Certification overview Exam preparation Website Content Exam pass score Sample questions Study material As the day for the exam approaches, on 5 February, [...]

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11月 012017

A ghoulish Halloween Boo to all my readers! Hope my costume freaks you out, but even if it doesn't, I’m positive PROC FREQ will in a few amazing ways! Today’s Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques class asked about the power of PROC FREQ. Since I stopped to explain some of it's benefits to [...]

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5月 262017

Elizabeth is courageous. Scoliosis since birth, corrective spinal surgery replaced her spine with steel, tripping on stairs permanently broke her right ankle. Then she decided to come take yoga with me. To help ease back pain & reduce hip stress, I offered options like bent legs not cross. In class [...]

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11月 042016

My river walk last week turned into a spectacular fall show. But if it rains this week in San Antonio, like the weatherman predicts, what will I do? In the coming days, I’ll be presenting at two user groups,  one in eastern Canada in Halifax, and the other all the […]

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10月 262016

Like unexpectedly seeing this beautiful bird in nature, SAS has tons of free goodies you might be surprised to encounter as you explore your software. While individual organizations may have separate permutations and combinations of SAS software, I’d like to share the list of freebies that comes with a simple […]

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9月 212016

I started young. Since I was 9 years old, I’ve always loved cooking delicious, tasty and healthy food, and feeding friends and family. My aunt still remembers the delicious chocolate soufflé that trembled and shook but would never collapse that I made for them when I was 18! Word spread. […]

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4月 222016

Teaching SAS coding is fun. The best part of teaching is hearing success stories from candidates who earn a SAS certification after taking SAS training. Suiru Jiang is an MBA candidate who successfully passed her SAS certification exam. She took my five-day SAS programming fast track course at Goodman School […]

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12月 082015

Last Christmas I decided to knit a scarf while at a concert in the Bahamas.  A little boy and his sister sitting in front of me watched me very intently. Their eyes grew bigger and bigger as the scarf grew longer and longer. Finally the little boy couldn’t take it […]

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