Colin Gray

5月 172017

Deep learning made the headlines when the UK’s AlphaGo team beat Lee Sedol, holder of 18 international titles, in the Go board game. Go is more complex than other games, such as Chess, where machines have previously crushed famous players. The number of potential moves explodes exponentially so it wasn’t [...]

Deep learning: What’s changed? was published on SAS Voices by Colin Gray

8月 232016

Gender and race discrimination has been banned in most countries for many years, although gender did have specific exclusions for the insurance industry, where the risk for males and females could be shown to substantially different (e.g. females have a higher life expectancy than males). In the European Union (EU) […]

It’s not fair… was published on SAS Voices.

6月 302016

Data scientists are familiar with prototyping - we do this as part of a well-understood process to arrive at the optimum solution. But prototyping is more than about perfecting the math; it should also be about testing interpretability of the results.  This need comes into stark prominence when you start […]

How design thinking will re-frame IoT analytics prototyping was published on SAS Voices.

5月 232016

“And the weather yesterday was a sunny 18oC with warm spells in the south and showers in the north. This is similar to the pattern we saw last Thursday.” Imagine if the weather forecast only restated what happened in the past -- would we bother waiting until the end of […]

And the weather yesterday was … was published on SAS Voices.

5月 042016

How many of you have read The Cuckoo’s Calling by the previously unknown author Robert Galbraith? The answer is not many, until it came out that Robert Galbraith was none other than blockbuster best-selling author JK Rowling. Sales then skyrocketed. Rowling recently published some of the rejection letters she received as […]

Could a recommendation engine pick 'The Cuckoo’s Calling' as a best-seller? was published on SAS Voices.