Dan Zaratsian

2月 082012
Information has always been valued and tightly protected. But now, more than ever, information can be captured in undetectable ways in the form webpages, forums, blogs, chat, text messages, call center notes and emails to be analyzed. According to “Vision 2015,” a report created by the U.S. Office of the [...]
11月 172011
In my work at SAS, I meet many people intent on using text analytics to help their organization achieve the next big breakthrough in competitive advantage. The most successful of those do three things well. #1 – Listen with a business goal in mind Leading organizations understand the value of [...]
9月 222011
Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical. -Yogi Berra As Moneyball hits theaters on September 23, I know awareness and appreciation for analytics will spike. The thought of the little guy being able to outmaneuver their stronger, better equipped opponent resonates with many people and relates [...]