David Pope

10月 242016

Analytics provides better insights into why something happened, or helps provide decision makers with information about what will happen in the future. That allows organizations to act now to improve outcomes instead of reacting to events after they happen. But it takes more than analytics alone. Achieving this level of […]

Analytics: Four key elements for success was published on SAS Voices.

8月 182016

You could say we've been working toward the internet of things (IoT) since computers were first invented. Look at how airplanes have changed from flying by wire to now, quite literally, flying by IoT (or connected plane). The connected car is another example of how big data analytics is the […]

Big data analytics had to come before IoT was published on SAS Voices.

5月 132016

The buzz about the Internet of Things (IoT) combined with the insights derived from analytics appears to be hotter than ever.  What's interesting to me is how many people go about their lives without knowing what the IoT is and how they're already benefitting from it (or how their jobs […]

An IoT-enabled fun weekend was published on SAS Voices.

4月 012016

I've worked at SAS for quite awhile, and people always want to know more about SAS, especially it's great work environment.  In response to those questions, I've written this story full of SAS product and programming puns to describe how SAS has evolved over time and remains LASR focused on helping […]

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2月 022016

I recent read an article about the major challenges electric utilities are facing in 2016, and I thought: "Wow, those challenges can be answered in so many ways..." Utilities are dealing with an onslaught of issues which can no longer be ignored or put off because they're all high priority and interrelated. But […]

Major electrical utility challenges for 2016 (and how analytics can help) was published on SAS Voices.

1月 182016

A successful energy savings program is a good thing for utilities, right? The truth is, that success can result in unintended consequences. One of our utility customers shared this example with me recently: "Let’s say we offer a free LED light bulb to every customer, and everyone removes an old bulb that used 75 […]

Energy savings programs can generate unintended consequences was published on SAS Voices.

12月 182015

You’d better watch YouTube, you’d better not cry You’d better not post, I’m telling you why Big data is coming to town He’s making many lists (and selling them too), he’s writing it twice (for redundancy’s sake), He’s gonna find out whose naughty or nice Big data is coming to town […]

Big data is coming to town! was published on SAS Voices.

12月 042015

On the first day of Big Data Analytics my colleagues sent to me: A data scientist discussing a decision tree On the second day of Big Data Analytics my colleagues sent to me: Two business analysts and A data scientist discussing a decision tree On the third day of Big Data Analytics my […]

The twelve days of big data analytics was published on SAS Voices.

11月 052015

With so many cybersecurity stories and large scale data breaches in the news, it's no wonder that cybersecurity is a top priority for leaders in many industries. But did you know analytics can help protect your customer and organizational data? Franklin Witter, Principal CyberSecurity Consultant, recently shared these three cybersecurity […]

3 cybersecurity tips from the Lone Star State was published on SAS Voices.

10月 282015

How can you grow a culture of innovation, scale your data, modernize your legacy BI strategy - and more? With "analytics in action," says Paul Bachteal, Senior Director of the Global Technology Practice at SAS. Bachteal recently presented to a standing room only crowd as part of the 2015 Texas A&M […]

4 big data analytics trends to watch now was published on SAS Voices.