David Pope

10月 282015

How can you grow a culture of innovation, scale your data, modernize your legacy BI strategy - and more? With "analytics in action," says Paul Bachteal, Senior Director of the Global Technology Practice at SAS. Bachteal recently presented to a standing room only crowd as part of the 2015 Texas A&M […]

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10月 122015

Big data is here to stay, whether we like it or not. Regardless of how you feel about it, it can help solve problems which simply could not be addressed without big data and advanced analytics. One area in which big data and analytics can provide huge benefits is the medical arena. In a recent […]

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9月 292015

When I was discussing decision making and analytics with a colleague, he recommended I read the book Your Brain at Work by David Rock. I took his advice because I wanted to find out how the brain processes information and how it might relate to analytics. Rock (you gotta love that name) explains the importance of the […]

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8月 062015

I enjoy watching TV crime series like Law and Order, Crime Series Investigation (CSI), CriminalMinds, Numb3rs, Person of Interest, as well as real-life mystery stories on shows like 20/20 and others. Obviously, the popularity of these types of shows means I'm not the only one who enjoys this type of entertainment. Here at SAS, […]

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8月 012015

In the oil and gas industry, analytics are used to improve both upstream and downstream operations, from optimizing exploration and forecasting production to reducing commodity trading risk and understanding customer's energy needs. If you plan to derive value from the digital oil field, big data, and analytics, one of the first things […]

Oil and gas data management overview was published on SAS Voices.

7月 222015

What's that productivity related quote by Charles Dickens? "My advice is never do tomorrow what you can do today." For years, machine learning has been written about and discussed widely with a focus on the benefits it will bring in the near future. But guess what? The future for machine learning […]

Machine learning in action today was published on SAS Voices.

7月 102015

The smart grid is a technology infrastructure that adds intelligent capabilities to the electricity distribution system. When you apply analytics to the smart grid data, you can automate and  improve operations, maintenance, planning and customer satisfaction - among other processes. As utilities continue to upgrade meters, transformers, and add new sensors and equipment, […]

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6月 262015

I've been playing around with this equation to show how big data derives value using analytics. From my perspective, it looks like this: Big data + analytics = Hadoop + SAS = Value. To expand the equation, I started thinking about the V's of big data and the D's of analytics. You've probably heard about the […]

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4月 262015

I'm not just talking about all the energy put in planning, scheduling, and supporting this great event, which is in Dallas, TX next week, April 26-29. I'm talking about all the presentations about using analytics in energy related industries, particularly in Utilities and in Oil and Gas. There is a […]

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4月 072015

When you start using all three types of advanced analytics (data mining, forecasting, and in particular optimization), you can help figure out the true economic feasibility of many projects. When needed, you can also use analytics to determine the infeasibility of on-going and or proposed projects. A colleague of mine, Louis Fabbi, […]

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