David Pope

10月 082014
SAS has been developing "secret sauce" technology for more than 38 years.  Whether it has to do with being platform independent, processing in-database, running across a grid, or analyzing data in-memory like our SAS LASR Analytic Server or our High Performance Analytics offerings, secret sauce makes everything taste or, in […]
7月 092014
Business Intelligence (BI) can mean many things to many people, but generally BI is associated with business reports. When you fold business analytics (BA), especially advanced analytics that are predictive or prescriptive, under the BI umbrella you inherently dilute the value proposition that analytics can provide to an organization. Why […]
5月 172014
Data federation is a relatively new term used to describe a form of data virtualization. Data virtualization, however, is not new. It has been around since at least the 1960's when virtual memory was introduced to simulate additional memory beyond what was physically available on a machine.  While data federation is a […]