David Pope

1月 222014
As more and more data is being collected and analyzed, it becomes even more important to have a strategy in place that will allow you to get value out of your data. Since it's humanly impossible for your brain alone to process fast streaming data, an event stream processing (ESP) engine [...]
12月 082013
Over the years, in all my roles within SAS, I've been asked by customers, friends, family and all sorts of people, "What does SAS do?" Bottom-line: SAS delivers results across the organization, because that is what it was designed to do. Specifically, SAS was designed to deliver analytic results, which [...]
11月 282013
Jennifer Whaley, one of our energy analytic utility experts, and I were talking about customer demos recently and discussing the work that goes into a proof-of-concept done with customer data.  If you've never been directly involved in preparing for a customer demo, you probably don't realize how much time and effort [...]
10月 222013
Analytics, to me, has always been about continuous education and giving people the chance to learn new insights. The SAS Day at Houston CityCentre earlier this month is a shining example. Hosted by the Department of Statistics as Texas A&M University, the event showed how analytics guides decisions across many [...]
9月 032013
Perhaps I should have titled this post, "Riddle me this Batman..."   Bam! Zap! etc....  now back to our regular scheduled blog post, where we explore the many lessons that can be learned from one industry to the next. Let's start with one of the easier comparisons: How is an [...]
8月 252013
Are you uncomfortable with analytics? Do you know someone who is? One reason might be that they think of predictive analytics as magic rather than science or fact based. Good magic amazes people and so do good analytic based reports and decisions.   Being able to predict what product or service [...]