David Pope

11月 222012
Organizations must find the right balance between tactical use of their data and strategic use of their data.  The following statement encapsulates the difference between an application that was primarily designed from a tactical perspective versus a strategic one.: "Thanks, you delivered what I asked for (tactical), but not what I [...]
10月 262012
As you might have heard, Dr. Jim Goodnight has a passion for helping customers solve problems. I've been thinking about Dr. Goodnight's background as I read up on the trendy "data scientist" term and wondering whether the SAS CEO was in fact the very first data scientist. Let's review the [...]
10月 222012
SAS provides solutions that have analytics integrated into reports that deliver insight into what will happen in the future, not just report on what has happened in the past.  Who wouldn't love that? However, what makes the SAS programming environment so useful to end users is how efficient and effective [...]
9月 042012
Ever since the term "big data" has popped up as a hot topic, you may have also heard about this "new" role called the data scientist. This is an important role that helps derive insight out of any sized data by applying knowledge about analytics to help solve business problems. I would argue that [...]