David Pope

7月 042013

When in the midst of severe weather season – hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes – dealing with power outages becomes part of doing business. Kathy Ball, an executive at Devon Energy, and Mark Konya, a SAS utilities industry analyst, offer their insights about the best ways to minimize storm-related power outages and [...]

When you are in the eye of the storm, analytics can help minimize the damage was published on SAS Voices by David Pope

5月 202013
The value of analytics to solve multiple business problems really makes analytics the ultimate reusable business investment, or as they say in the energy industry, it may be called a renewable resource. As I've commented before, organizations send billions of dollars on storing data, and unless you happen to be a [...]
11月 222012
Organizations must find the right balance between tactical use of their data and strategic use of their data.  The following statement encapsulates the difference between an application that was primarily designed from a tactical perspective versus a strategic one.: "Thanks, you delivered what I asked for (tactical), but not what I [...]
10月 262012
As you might have heard, Dr. Jim Goodnight has a passion for helping customers solve problems. I've been thinking about Dr. Goodnight's background as I read up on the trendy "data scientist" term and wondering whether the SAS CEO was in fact the very first data scientist. Let's review the [...]