David Wallace

5月 312018

We asked banking leaders. Here’s a sneak peek of our findings in advance of our June 12 webinar How important is customer experience in banking today? Very. It's the number one business challenge banks face, surpassing even regulatory compliance, because it links directly to revenue. And the stakes are only [...]

How are banks using real-time customer analytics to improve the customer experience?  was published on SAS Voices by David Wallace

4月 232012
What does the future hold for retail banking?  Let’s tap four sources for insight – media, financial results, an industry analyst perspective and bank CEO comments. First, let’s look at some recent article titles from publications such as Bank Technology News, American Banker, and BAI Banking Strategies:  The Shrinking Bank [...]
3月 212012
The first quarter of the fiscal year is the time that banking industry analysts provide clients with their vision on the key challenges and solutions in banking for 2012. TowerGroup’s Nicole Sturgill recently wrote that “understanding consumer use of the financial institution’s delivery channels is a critical element” for institutions [...]