Georgia Mariani

9月 202013
Whether we realize it or not, statistics affect our everyday lives. Some examples to ponder: The weather forecasts we watch, the medicines we take, the medical care we receive, the marketing we see, the safety of our cars and the consumer goods we buy. So, as a continuation of our [...]
9月 072013
If you have been paying attention to the media, you might have heard that statistics is the hottest new field and career choice. According to a recent Wall Street Journal blog post, schools are seeing an influx of students interested in the field. Some students are getting an even earlier [...]
8月 272013
Lately, I've been reading about famous statisticians in history. It's interesting to read about their lives, their contributions to the world and how they became interested in statistics. Reading these stories from history also made me curious about current statisticians and how they became interested in statistics. What was that [...]
8月 202013
Since it is the International Year of Statistics, we decided to ask statisticians at the recent SAS Global Forum their thoughts on several questions about the field of statistics. Their answers are featured in a series of videos that showcase the statistician’s responses to these questions. This video features the [...]
5月 172013
Get ready statistics lovers. As part of my new role, I’ve been researching and discovering all the resources that SAS has for statistics – and I’m eager to share what I’ve found. Here are just a few things I discovered that you might find helpful. A new paper on the [...]
5月 102013
In the past, I’ve contributed to this blog with posts about the use of analytics and statistics in the education industry. I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been transitioning to a new role as the product marketing manager for statistics. I’ll give you three reasons why I’m excited [...]
10月 062012
In a recent blog post, I discussed how I enjoy working with the education industry because they are so eager and willing to help. While that post dealt with K-12, this one discusses higher education, specifically the University of Texas System and their public dashboard. If you are interested in [...]
9月 152012
Did you ever experience a time where you hear or see the same thing over and over again? Whether you chalk it up to coincidence, immersion or saturation, you clearly start seeing the same ideas or topics discussed in multiple places. Lately, I have been hearing about the topic of [...]
8月 062012
I love working with the Education industry and with our partners and customers. They are always so eager and willing to help that it really makes my job fun and easy. Plus, they are doing some amazing things to help districts, teachers and students. And everyone knows, teachers and schools [...]
7月 242012
We have come very far in our journey (I started this series in March) to the 10 best practices from education customers for information management, reporting and analytics. Lets’ recap our journey of the previous nine blogs: Securing executive sponsorship. Identifying and involving stakeholders early and assessing their unique needs. [...]