Greg Heidrick

11月 292018

Whether you're reading industry articles about smart tags or analyst reports about inventory tracking, you've probably noticed an uptick in coverage on the adoption of IoT (and RFID) in retail. Since I've been following these topics for awhile, I've decided to dedicate a series of posts on the ways IoT can be used [...]

Will 2019 be the year of an IoT epiphany in retail? was published on SAS Voices by Greg Heidrick

10月 112018

Smart retailers know that omnichannel customer experience isn't just about marketing anymore.  It’s about bridging all your digital and physical channels to recognize customers wherever they are, collecting data and understanding the retail customer’s purchasing journey. By taking customer data, product data, and supply chain data - and applying predictive and prescriptive [...]

Retailers: is your customer experience strategy working? was published on SAS Voices by Greg Heidrick

12月 012017

Until recently state-of-the-art for trade area analytics still meant analyzing historical store sales by location, together with some Nielsen market data to select merchandise assortments and allocation. Contrast that with the upcoming holiday season where retailers know where and how demand is initiated, and use that new understanding to create [...]

Fashion students learn about omnichannel merchandising and retail analytics was published on SAS Voices by Greg Heidrick