I-sah Hsieh

10月 022018

Once a disaster is over, and the frenzy of news stories and social media posts has subsided, it can seem like the crisis has passed. However, for those Hurricane Florence survivors left with ruined homes and businesses, damaged schools and buildings, there remains a struggle to return to normalcy. As [...]

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4月 052018

Data and analytics touch our lives every day. Consider: A call from your bank warning of a suspicious transaction. A well-timed discounted offer for something you need. Most people realize that data and analytics are behind these things, but they remain on the periphery of mainstream conversations. We need to [...]

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10月 302015

Population movement is higher than ever. Buoyed by freedom of movement and critical events such as armed conflict and the European migrant issue, large groups of people are migrating across borders. In fact, population movement has now reached record levels. There are currently more displaced people globally than during the whole […]

Navigating big disasters with big data was published on SAS Voices.

4月 022015

In my last blog post, I introduced SAS Visual Analytics for UN Comtrade, which helps anyone glean answers from the most comprehensive collection of international trade data in the world. I’d like to share some of what we learned in the development process as it pertains to big data, high […]

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3月 202015
Did you know the US-Malawi trade relationship is based almost entirely on tobacco? Or that apparel & accessories drive Morocco & Tunisia exports while their North African neighbors rely on oil? The United Nations Statistics Division collects detailed international trade data from more than 200 countries on the import and […]