Jack Hymanson

10月 302014
Have you ever thought about how to improve your Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process beyond where you might be today? There's certainly no lack of advice on the topic of S&OP on the Internet. Some articles focus on the overall process while others focus on S&OP software and related support tools. In […]
7月 182014
What is your primary goal as a supply chain professional? It’s not about demand sensing, demand shaping or even supply planning and demand planning. At the end of the day, it’s about profit optimization. Albeit important, demand sensing and shaping are only a piece of the equation and if isolated, decisions […]
7月 022014
I recently took some time to appreciate and celebrate the SAS Professional Services division’s 25th anniversary. I find it impressive that SAS professional services has been collaborating with customers across many different industries for 25 years to solve business problems, increase profitability and improve customer service levels. With so much industry […]
6月 112014
For supply chain managers and analysts Getting Demand in Shape can mean collecting the most pertinent data to support specific business processes and activities. Identifying new or previously unused data sources can be especially important. My most recent article titled “Getting Demand in Shape” in the May / June issue of APICS magazine […]