Jay Laramore

3月 172017

As a SAS instructor, I’m often on the road, but, in April, my work travel path is going to take me to a place I haven’t visited since I was 12 years old. The occasion?  SAS Global Forum 2017.  The location?  Walt Disney World® in Orlando. While the main conference [...]

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12月 222015

Santa Claus and his elves are gearing up for another holiday season, busy filling orders and wrapping gifts for all of the good little boys and girls. Since snowglobes are popular gifts this year, Santa Claus has dedicated an entire department to build and wrap the 32,768 snowglobe orders that […]

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10月 292015

With the 2015 World Series currently underway, there couldn't be a more exciting time to discuss how analytics is transforming the game of baseball. It comes as no surprise to say that managers and front office executives, not to mention the players, are continuously looking for a competitive advantage over their opponents. […]

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