Jeff Zeanah

10月 122017

As analytics advances into more areas of our everyday life there is an increased need to understand just what it is that analytics is accomplishing for us.  I find there is a quicker acceptance of an analytical solution and even excitement if there is a good conceptual understanding of what [...]

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5月 102017

In the Tuscan hilltop village of Montepulciano, a tourist can visit the shop of Coppersmith Cesare Mazzetti. But Mazzetti is not just running his family’s traditional business, he’s demonstrating all the qualities of a historic craftsman.  The visitor may see him work and have him show you photographs of some of [...]

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1月 202017

I continue to find the concept of explaining analytics through storytelling intriguing. As I have written before, at first blush this did not seem immediately clear to me. The advice to use storytelling appeared somewhat vague, trite and without substance. More importantly, it seemed to conflict with the rigor required […]

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9月 092016

A good data analyst has to be focused, methodical, creative, rigorous, analytical and more when doing their work. If that is not enough, when presenting their work the wisdom of a philosopher may be required. It seems the requirements do not stop.  The analyst is wise to remember the words […]

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5月 142016

I recently had a chance to hear Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki on triple j radio in Australia.  Known simply as Dr. Karl, he has a weekly national show answering science questions on an alternative rock radio station.  Yes, science on rock radio station. Yes, national. Yes, Thursday morning – when people […]

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3月 012016

When I am discussing my new Explaining Analytics course with analytic professionals, I frequently hear, “I have a co-worker that needs the class.” That comment is much more frequent than – “Hey I need that class.”  The truth of the matter is we all need to continue to improve – […]

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1月 132016

A number of years ago I was driving home to Alabama for the holidays. Typical of the season the driving was not easy.  It was getting dark early and the traffic was fairly heavy. I had the radio on to pass the time.  A talk show was on and the […]

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10月 062015

While holed up inside, like many others on the East Coast of the United States, suffering from record-breaking rainfall and watching the path of Hurricane Joaquin, I found a perfect metaphor for handling a problem in explaining analytics. Many executives bemoan the fact that it seems to take forever for […]

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8月 282015

I was recently asked why I would recommend my new class, Explaining Analytics to Decision Makers:  Insights to Action.  The answer goes back to some great advice, a lunch of eggplant parmesan and in another more twisted way, to what was ironically affectionately known as the “bomb plant.” Early in […]

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