Jenn Chase

5月 162020

Dr. Ryan McGarry might have the most uncanny timing of any documentary producer in history. Just weeks before the novel coronavirus began to saturate headlines, the emergency medicine physician’s Netflix documentary series Pandemic hit the screens of millions of viewers. Six months ago, many of the subjects featured in the [...]

What can we learn about COVID-19 from an executive producer of Pandemic? was published on SAS Voices by Jenn Chase

4月 142020

Every year hundreds of dedicated SAS® users and event volunteers work tirelessly to create an amazing conference experience for SAS Global Forum attendees. This year, as you know, COVID-19 changed our plans. But our devoted team of volunteers, including our conference chairs and session presenters, was still determined to provide [...]

Introducing the first virtual SAS® Global Forum was published on SAS Voices by Jenn Chase

2月 132020

What do a Pulitzer prize-winning author, an Emmy award-winning TV personality and one of the top 5 influencers in the world have in common? They’ll all be at SAS Global Forum this year. It’s where analytics enthusiasts and executive thought leaders meet to share strategies, get training in abundance, and [...]

3 people I can’t wait to meet at SAS Global Forum  was published on SAS Voices by Jenn Chase