Jim Harris

2月 152017

Corporate compliance with an increasing number of industry regulations intended to protect personally identifiable information (PII) has made data privacy a frequent and public discussion. An inherent challenge to data privacy is, as Tamara Dull explained, “data, in and of itself, has no country, respects no law, and travels freely across borders. In the […]

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2月 132017

The term compliance is most often associated with control. It evokes visions of restrictions, regulations and security protecting something which is to remain private. The term open is most often associated with access, and it evokes visions of an absence of restrictions, regulations and security – making something available which is […]

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1月 102017

Streaming technologies have been around for years, but as Felix Liao recently blogged, the numbers and types of use cases that can take advantage of these technologies have now increased exponentially. I've blogged about why streaming is the most effective way to handle the volume, variety and velocity of big data. That's […]

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12月 122016

Historically, before data was managed it was moved to a central location. For a long time that central location was the staging area for an enterprise data warehouse (EDW). While EDWs and their staging areas are still in use – especially for structured, transactional and internally generated data – big […]

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11月 212016

Our world is now so awash in data that many organizations have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to available data to support operational, tactical and strategic activities of the enterprise. Such a data-rich environment is highly susceptible to poor-quality data. This is especially true when swimming in data lakes – […]

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11月 072016

Most enterprises employ multiple analytical models in their business intelligence applications and decision-making processes. These analytical models include descriptive analytics that help the organization understand what has happened and what is happening now, predictive analytics that determine the probability of what will happen next, and prescriptive analytics that focus on […]

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