Kathy Council

3月 192014
SAS has launched the first phase of a new shopping experience for SAS users. In phase 1, you can buy books and some software by shopping in our new SAS store. The long-term goal for SAS is to have a single shopping experience for all your SAS shopping needs. Two […]
12月 182013
This has not yet been publicly announced, but I’m too excited to keep it a secret. SAS recently created a new division devoted exclusively to customer support. The division’s name is Customer Engagement and Support (CES); its leader is Fritz Lehman and it consists of four divisions: Publications, Education, Technical [...]
4月 222013
It’s that time of year again, where I make my plans to head to SAS Global Forum. This year, the meeting is in San Francisco and, since I love this city, it makes me more excited than ever to meet with SAS friends. This user conference is planned and organized [...]
3月 142013
SAS Publications has been working hard to convert our most popular titles to eBooks. We believe that eBooks are particularly important for our customers outside the US because of shipping costs, import fees, and the time it takes for you to obtain your books. Benefits to reading eBooks: eBooks are [...]
2月 142013
SAS is celebrating the International Year of Statistics. Thinking about the importance of statistics in our lives and in my professional life, takes me for a moment down memory lane. I came to SAS a LONG time ago because I had a Master’s degree in Statistics and SAS wanted someone [...]