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1月 182011
If you aren’t familiar with Analytics, you'll want to be! Analytics is a digital magazine published by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Science (INFORMS), provides readers with real-life examples of how data, modeling and mathematical analysis is used to drive better business decisions and provide concrete competitive advantage.

A colleague of mine, Fiona McNeill, who is also a contributor to The Text Frontier, was spotlighted in the Analytics January / February issue. Fiona writes about text analytics - how to turn text into gold by deriving meaning from the deluge of documents available in most organizations.

I think you’ll find this publication full of the "how-to" stories and "what-not-to-do" stories that Analytics is known for! Be sure to visit page 21 to read the bit on Text Analytics and the three keys to success that Fiona highlights.

You might enjoy a couple of the other articles as well. Prithvijit Roy, Arnab Chakraborty, Pritam Kanti Paul, and Girish Srinivasan provide an inside look at HP's world-class e-marketing business and share a little bit about text mining tools. Talha Omer leads readers on the journey from business intelligence to analytics and touches on all the unstructured text data that has to be considered along the way.

Text Analytics at the M2010 Data Mining Conference

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8月 312010
Are you attending the Data Mining Conference this year? If your plans bring you to Las Vegas this October, you'll want to know what Terry Woodfield is up to! Terry is teaching his new course, Text Analytics with SAS Text Miner, at the upcoming M2010 Data Mining Conference. Terry has been a SAS instructor for more than 10 years and has attended several Data Mining Conferences. He took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions from Michele Reister on The SAS Training Post blog. To learn more about this new course at the Data Mining Conference and some of the things he is looking forward to at M2010, you can read the original blog post.
7月 202010
Back in April we hosted Text Analytics 101, the first in this year’s Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series. As many of you know, organizations today are faced with a flood of text-based content, a shortage of domain and subject-matter experts and an inability to analyze data in an automated, consistent manner. So we created this 101 session to provide practical, accessible advice about the methods and technologies that will enable you to improve efficiencies, ease staff resources and seamlessly incorporate text-based insights for better decisions. SAS’ Kathy Lange & Fiona McNeill walked 350+ attendees through a Text Analytics overview.

We had registrations from the US and 40 other countries and attendees joined us from a vast array of industries including communications, education, Federal Government, Financial Services, Health and Life Sciences, Retail & Manufacturing and State and Local Governments. Of the 350+ attendees about 40% of them responded to the post survey questions and shared some interesting feedback with us regarding the stage of text analytics adoption that they are in. From the results it looks to me like majority are in initial investigation & some more 101 sessions might just be what folks need to help understand the landscape.

Other attendees were assessing vendors, enhancing existing methods, some were reviewing technologies and several were already implementing and a couple were already in a testing phase. How about your organization? What phase are you in?

Enterprise Search Summit

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5月 152010
My colleagues, Kathy Lange and Cailyn Clark were both at Enterprise Search Summit earlier this week in New York City to attend the conference as well as host our customer, The Tribune Company. The Summit is a highly intense, in-depth, two-day conference that covers how to develop, implement and enhance cutting-edge internal search capabilities, so Kathy and Cailyn were also there to support SAS' recent news on Text Analytics.

This year the emphasis for Enterprise Search Summit 2010 is how enterprise search enables Information Access. Search can no longer be viewed as a stand-alone application. It's so timely because Kathy & Cailyn sponsored the SAS booth at the conference to highlight and share SAS Enterprise Content Categorization, which applies natural language processing and advanced linguistic techniques to automatically categorize multilingual content. It parses and analyzes content for entities, facts and events to create metadata, develop taxonomies, and generate category rules and concept definitions to apply to large volumes of documents to trigger business processes.

We were fortunate to have Keith DeWeese, Taxonomy and Automated Indexing Project Manager at Chicago Tribune join us as well. Keith manages the Tribune Company's controlled vocabularies used for automated news categorization and indexing. Prior to working at the Tribune, he was employed by Dow-Jones, the Federal Reserve, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Columbia College, Chicago. At the conference he spoke on ontology and "controlled vocabularies." Keith also shared some headlines, proving you need to "know" your content. For example, "Obama Earmarks Funding for Pet Causes" is not an article about pets! If you are interested in learning more about the conference you can following the Tweets from the Summit #ESS10. You can also review some of the presentations from the Summit at The Noisy Channel .
4月 212010

No more teachers, no more books!! Now in its second year, SAS' "Applying Business Analytics" Webinar series has proven to be a powerful resource for many people. In 2009, more than 4,500 customers and prospects participated in the nine live and on-demand webinars, representing more than 3,200 organizations around the world on topics including Analytics, Data Management & Reporting.

So, why should you pay attention to the series this year? Beginning April 21 with, Text Analytics 101, and running through November, the Applying Business Analytics Webinar series will enable you to learn from the best business, product marketing and tech experts as they highlight the value of a complete business analytics framework.

You are welcome to join the sessions live or view on demand at your leisure. The Webinars will each follow a "101" format, helping set a foundation around each of the Webinar topics, which include: Hope you can join us & I'll see you online soon!