Kristine Vick

7月 252018

Wondering what makes this conference special?  Over the years I’ve heard from many attendees that it’s the best way to get the most out of their analytics investments. Analytics Experience is a learning-focused conference featuring networking opportunities, training, certification exams and analytics presentations for all skill levels. #AnalyticsX will give you [...]

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7月 062018

Are you still learning about artificial intelligence and researching how it can be applied to your business scenarios? In a recent Harvard Business Review webinar, moderator Angela Herrin had an opportunity to discuss the value of AI to organizations with both Michael Cui and Brain McCarthy of McKinsey. Their discussion [...]

What can Michael Chui teach you about AI? was published on SAS Voices by Kristine Vick

7月 022018

Looking to connect and engage with other like-minded people in a meaningful way? A #SASchat might just what you’re looking for! #SASChat is SAS’ version of a Twitter chat: a live, online event that works like any get-together. Participating in a #SASchat is a great way to: Engage with an [...]

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5月 152018

In a recent #SASchat we explored the intersection of artificial intelligence and human creativity. Posing questions like, "How is AI impacting human creativity?" And, "What will it take for the public to fully trust AI?" In the lively online conversation, a few themes prevailed: Automation enabled by AI frees humans [...]

Exploring the intersection of AI and human creativity was published on SAS Voices by Kristine Vick

5月 012018

As health care evolves, its entire ecosystem – from payers and providers to pharmaceutical companies and government agencies – seeks to find common ground. More data is available than ever. But transforming information into innovation is challenging. Organizations strive to create shared goals, internally and externally, trying to improve patient [...]

How will IoT and AI drive transformation in health care and life sciences? was published on SAS Voices by Kristine Vick

4月 262018

Connect with SAS before and during IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology, a three-day event focusing on the key elements of advanced manufacturing: lean and continuous improvement, leadership, technology integration, talent management and best practices to achieve operational excellence. We look forward to seeing you at Industry Week's Manufacturing & Technology Conference [...]

Build your analytics advantage in manufacturing was published on SAS Voices by Kristine Vick

4月 182018

For those who ask if artificial intelligence (AI) will change the world – it already has. Advances in AI have accelerated our ability to consume and act on data. We’ve created machines that can learn on their own using complex calculations involving the largest of data sets. Yet, there’s no [...]

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7月 242013
Would you like to know how some of the largest and most successful organizations are getting value from their big data? Tune in to today at 2 p.m. ET (US) to find out. In their recently published research report, Big Data in Big Companies, renowned analytics thought-leader Tom Davenport [...]