Mark Lambrecht

9月 092020

Heather Cartwright, General Manager of Microsoft Health, joined me to contemplate the new horizons in healthcare made possible by SAS and Microsoft’s new strategic partnership.  The four walls of the doctor’s office are disappearing. Following decades of planning for hypotheticals, this year health care organizations were compelled to make good on the promise of digital transformation. Meeting the [...]

The future of health care and life sciences with SAS Analytics on Azure  was published on SAS Voices by Mark Lambrecht

3月 112020

In the early days and weeks of any widespread global health concern, particularly in a fast-moving outbreak like the coronavirus, there are many unknowns. Data visualization can be a good starting point to understand trends and piece data points together into a meaningful story. The ability to visualize the spread [...]

Using data visualization to track the coronavirus outbreak was published on SAS Voices by Mark Lambrecht

11月 012016

What would happen if we could ask any type of scientific or clinical question about patients, and then go out and find the data to answer our questions? With "real-world data," we can do just that. Real-world data is all medicinal product data that comes from real-life patients. In contrast, […]

Using real-world data from real-life patients was published on SAS Voices.