Mary Beth Ainsworth

2月 012018

Groups and organizations lauding artificially intelligent solutions are popping up everywhere with promises to create the next battlefield advantage using next generation weapons, gear, or satellites.  The term artificial intelligence (AI) splashes the headlines with promises that we're moments away from revolutionizing the battlefield. As a former intelligence analyst, I [...]

13 ideas for AI in military intelligence was published on SAS Voices by Mary Beth Ainsworth

10月 042017

Stories have been flooding the market lately about artificial intelligence (AI) causing the next world war. Based originally on comments made by Elon Musk (see below), many others are jumping in to share similar fears. China, Russia, soon all countries w strong computer science. Competition for AI superiority at national level [...]

Will AI cause the next major war? was published on SAS Voices by Mary Beth Ainsworth

9月 152017

The intelligence community needs to revamp its approach to analytics -- and that means creating an analytics strategy that will change the status quo. The challenges facing analysts are consistent throughout the strategic, operational and tactical levels of intelligence operations. The intelligence cycle (see diagram below) is a great teaching [...]

Embracing analytics: A path forward for the intelligence community was published on SAS Voices by Mary Beth Ainsworth