Mary Osborne

8月 202018

I love data; I’m a real and unabashed data geek. I'm the sci-fi nerd who has fun with data from Star Wars and analyzes World of Warcraft logs using SAS. More importantly, I love what data can do. I love the way it can show people new insights and new ideas, [...]

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6月 152018

Many things in nature can be seen as chain reactions. When one action occurs, others follow suit. For example, atmospheric greenhouse gas levels are increasing, which leads to a warming of the oceans. As the oceans warm, weather and climate patterns across the globe are impacted because the amount of [...]

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11月 032017

When disasters strike, we’re all left wondering what we can do and how we can help. Many donate money and items. Others donate their time volunteering on the ground. Me? I dive into data. I have a passion for using data for good, and have been fortunate to be involved [...]

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5月 042016

Most folks who know me, know I'm a bit of a Star Wars geek.  I've analyzed the original trilogy scripts and documented my findings in a paper called Star Wars and the Art of Data Science.  I'm always looking for excuses to get my hands into Star Wars data, and […]

May the 4th be with you: 2016 edition was published on SAS Voices.

5月 052015

I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I got chills when I saw the trailer for The Force Awakens!  Last year for SAS Global Forum, I wrote a paper called Star Wars and the Art of Data Science.  I explored the scripts from the original Star Wars trilogy (A New Hope, […]

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5月 042014
I'm an avid Star Wars fan, and am cautiously optimistic about what J.J. Abrams intends to do in Star Wars VII. The cast for the movie was revealed earlier this week, and today is May the Fourth, an unofficial Star Wars holiday. You might be asking yourself what any of […]
7月 032013
The path to innovation isn’t canned.  It’s not formulaic.  It involves taking calculated risks and (as much as I hate this cliché) out-of-the-box thinking.  It involves creativity and the eagerness to explore ideas.  Notice I didn’t say new ideas.  Sometimes innovation is more about re-purposing or reworking old ideas into [...]
3月 032012
Language is an interesting and innately human thing.  Language transcends the spoken word and involves vocal inflection, facial expressions and other forms of body language.  Growing up, my mother could give me “the look” and I knew exactly what she was trying to say, even without words.  “The look” told [...]