Mayra Pedraza

10月 172017

Professionals with deep analytical knowledge, particularly using SAS, are in high demand. But to build a successful career, you first have to acquire the necessary analytical skills. Recently, I interviewed Andrea Baroni, a graduate from Lancaster University, and asked him to share his experience learning SAS and how it has helped advance his professional career. Your background Mayra [...]

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8月 152017

At the SAS UK Office in Marlow we are very fortunate to have a number of interns working here. I’m always amazed at how professional, prepared and just downright smart these students are. I recently asked one of our interns: Josie Comber, who is a student at the University of [...]

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7月 172017

Venturing into the world of work after university can be an intimidating experience. But fear not! Some of SAS' finest graduate recruiters have teamed up to give you some tips on how to fine tune your job applications, shine at open days, and kick-start your career. How to build your [...]

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5月 222017

Whether it is through your research, projects you tackle or by teaching, you work hard to accomplish your goals and that deserves recognition.  At SAS, we support students and lecturers who want to make an impact in their careers by given them the opportunity to attend and present at an [...]

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4月 202017

Year after year SAS is recognized globally for its workplace culture, including 19 straight years, and counting, on Fortune magazine’s elite list of Best Companies to Work For. But SAS isn’t just an employer of choice for experienced professionals, it’s also a great place for students and recent graduates too. [...]

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10月 202016

SAS Mini MOOC!!! What is MOOC? Yes, this was the big question from attendees who visited our Data Science Skills pod at SAS Forum UK 2016 – If you missed the forum, here are the resources. I also thought: why don’t write about it? MOOC stands for Massive Open Online […]

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9月 092016

This was one tough question asked of a highly driven group of 30 local teenagers who participated in a challenge event hosted by SAS Scotland in the Glasgow office on Aug. 9. "The Recruit" is an intensive summerlong challenge programme for 16- and 17-year-olds from the Inverclyde region, near Glasgow. […]

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8月 012016

Would Taylor Swift date her suitors or not? Guess what? Data scientists may know the answer. But this time it was pupils who found the answer. Pupils? Yes, data science is for everyone, kids included. During Tech Week, a UK-wide event in July promoted by the Tech Partnership, organisations were […]

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7月 202016

Gareth Hampson, a data scientist who graduated with an MSc in databases and web-based systems from Salford University, recently won a SAS prize for his excellent project using SAS® Enterprise Miner™. He has also been profoundly deaf since the age of 4 due to meningitis. We spoke to Gareth to find out more about […]

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5月 112016

As the demand for analytical skills continues to grow and the data scientist has been catalogued as the sexiest job of the 21st century, more and more students are showing interest in the analytics and big data world. We asked one of our graduates to share her experiences working as […]

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