Mike F. Smith

5月 302018

Remember when electric vehicles were a new thing? Just a few years ago, everywhere we turned there were opinions, white papers, and articles espousing the wonders of electric vehicles, and an equal chorus of voices warning of the dangers and challenges of electric vehicles. Would they blow up half of [...]

How will electric vehicles contribute to the smart grid? was published on SAS Voices by Mike F. Smith

2月 092018

As the old saying goes, the only constant is change. The corollary that I’ll add is this: and the pace of change feels like it's directly proportional to Moore’s Law. Utilities used to be favorites for conservative investors. Smooth. Steady. When there was change, it was incremental. But today, uncertainty [...]

Trends to watch for utilities in the analytics economy was published on SAS Voices by Mike F. Smith

12月 152017

The paradigm in which we have all lived in an electrified world is changing. The convergence of technology, changing business models, and increasing customer expectations means the way utilities have operated for the last 100+ years must change. Further, this change must embrace where the operations side of the business [...]

Coming soon to a grid near you: certainty amid confusion was published on SAS Voices by Mike F. Smith

10月 062017

After a few tough years in the trenches, analytics leaders in utilities are emerging and making a difference as their utilities vie to stay relevant in the ever-changing energy landscape. At the core of this emergence are leaders that are embracing open analytics platforms and pushing analytics to the edge. [...]

For utilities, the horizon is wide open was published on SAS Voices by Mike F. Smith

8月 232017

There is an expression in the military that goes something like this: Military leaders train and prepare for the next war using available information, which typically means they're planning for the last (previous) war -- and that's a recipe for disaster. So what does this have to do with utilities [...]

Are utilities fighting the last war? was published on SAS Voices by Mike F. Smith

6月 152017

Regulations, corporate drivers, leadership and market influences have combined to produce a patchwork of uneven progress on initiatives such as distributed generation, customer choice, asset optimization and the industrial Internet of Things. These initiatives all rely on analytics to gain the most return on investment. To better understand organizational readiness [...]

Utility analytics in 2017: Aligning data and analytics with business strategy was published on SAS Voices by Mike F. Smith

4月 032017

Operators of transmission networks and wholesale electric markets – ISOs (Independent System Operator) and RTOs (Regional Transmission Organizations) – have undergone sweeping changes in recent years, and the pace won’t be letting up anytime soon. With opportunities ranging from the growth of renewables to newly data-rich operating environments, and challenges [...]

Promise and uncertainty in the ISO marketplace: Four things you should know was published on SAS Voices by Mike F. Smith

2月 282017

Do you remember the 90s? It seemed like every company and organization had some sort of strategic plan that had “2000” in its title. And they were all going to achieve and exceed these Year 2000 goals … if their systems didn’t crash at 12:00:01 on January 1, 2000! So [...]

2020 vision for utilities: What’s the prescription? was published on SAS Voices by Mike F. Smith

12月 272016

It’s no secret that the US energy landscape has undergone massive changes in recent years: the emergence of cost-effective renewables, the natural gas revolution, the wide-scale penetration of intelligence across energy delivery networks, and soon a new resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. All of these changes are impacting different pockets of […]

An era of promise and uncertainty for the oil and gas industry was published on SAS Voices.

10月 182016

Utility leaders are struggling with a world that's quickly changing and barely recognizable from the one they knew growing up. Many of the old assumptions are gone, and the business model upon which careers have been built is on the verge of disappearing. So what does the internet of things […]

What does IoT mean for utilities? was published on SAS Voices.