Natan Meekers

2月 132017

Are you struggling to hire talented data scientists to glean insights from your corporate data? There’s currently a lack of big data talent hampering corporate analytics and causing nightmares for CIO’s, but I have good news for you: You may already have all the data scientists you need! There are […]

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12月 012015

In my first post, I talked about the hell of using Excel for all your data needs; in my second post, I covered the building blocks and initial first steps that will lead you to a future proof data strategy. Now let’s zoom in on the three domains that underpin […]

Building a firm foundation for your future proof data strategy was published on SAS Voices.

11月 202015

In my previous post, I discussed some of the challenges and costs organizations face when they’re stuck in Excel hell with no real data strategy. Now that we’ve discussed the problem, let’s dive into the solution. Every organization needs a data strategy with these building blocks: Your top priority is […]

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11月 122015

This summer, I had several interesting sessions with customers and prospects. Much to my surprise, two of them, both multinational organizations, were doing most of their data tasks in Excel. This happens every now and then -- I come across organizations (like yours?) where people are manipulating and "analysing" data […]

The hell of Excel, or why you need to future proof your data strategy was published on SAS Voices.

8月 252015

Are you eager to explore and understand your data? Do you want to improve processes and drive more revenue? Do you want to work with data using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface? This is now possible with visual analytics, technology which combines analytics with interactive visualizations. As published in a recent […]

Why should you use visual analytics? was published on SAS Voices.

6月 292015

A strong quote from John Tukey explains the essence of data visualization: “The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.” Tukey was a famous American mathematician who truly understood data – its structure, patterns and what to look for. […]

See what you never expected with data visualization was published on SAS Voices.

6月 122015

Still think business intelligence and analytics are only for big companies? The truth is, small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from BI and analytics in a big way. Digital disruption Thanks to innovative new developments SME’s (and small teams who haven't yet gotten IT’s attention) can now use […]

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