Randy Guard

10月 012019

Did you know the first SAS® Users Group event took place before SAS was incorporated as a company? In 1976, hundreds of early SAS users gathered in sunny Kissimmee, FL to share tips and offer feedback before SAS was even officially a company. Our users have continued to influence the [...]

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7月 142018

One of the biggest challenges we’ve been hearing from customers lately is that they need help operationalizing analytics to extend the value of their modeling efforts. In many cases, they’ve hired smart data analysts who can transform data and create sophisticated models, but their work is used for a single [...]

7 tips for operationalizing analytics was published on SAS Voices by Randy Guard

5月 082018

I have good news to share about the future. Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, the future of work in a world with artificial intelligence (AI) is not all doom and gloom. And thanks to a research-backed book from Malcolm Frank, What to Do When Machines Do Everything, we [...]

Optimistic about AI and the future of work was published on SAS Voices by Randy Guard

10月 272017

If you’ve been waiting for the buzz to settle around the Internet of Things before deciding how to invest in this new technology space, now’s the time to stop waiting. I’ve been working in the technology sector for a few decades, and the innovation and excitement I’m seeing around IoT [...]

The Internet of Things is happening now was published on SAS Voices by Randy Guard

9月 282017

One of the best parts of my job is hearing about all the cool ways people are using data for good. Increasingly, many of these stories are related to the Internet of Things, including: Smart pills that help patients stick to their treatment regimens. These ingestible sensors can monitor patients’ [...]

Bringing intelligence to the Internet of Things was published on SAS Voices by Randy Guard

9月 182017

Have you heard the term “analytics economy” and wondered what it means? Or maybe you’ve wondered how your organization can use data and analytics to achieve economic gains. Now we have more than just data. We have accessible data, fueled by advances in compute power and connectivity, and interpreted by ever-more powerful [...]

Analytics economy = data + analytics + collaboration was published on SAS Voices by Randy Guard

5月 162017

Artificial intelligence. Big data. Cognitive computing. These buzzwords are the ABCs of today’s marketplace. In a recent interview at SAS® Global Forum, I discussed the unprecedented pace of change that we’re seeing in the market. It’s creating what I like to call an analytics economy. In this economy, analytics – [...]

How companies can succeed in an analytics economy was published on SAS Voices by Randy Guard

4月 202016

As we look at the last 40 years of innovation using analytics, it can be both humbling and inspiring. I mean, who would have anticipated 40 years ago that SAS® would be used to analyze genomic data and help develop specialized medications as a result? Who would have guessed that […]

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12月 162015

When we talk about the Internet of Things and “analytics at the edge,” we’re talking about modeling data as close as possible to the device – not far away in some warehouse or data storage appliance. So, generally, the edge is anything with a sensor that is transmitting data: an […]

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