Ritu Jain

2月 262013
Inc.com blogger Jessica Stillman recently wrote about small businesses getting baffled by big data. These companies, she reported, struggle to even define what big data means – much less manage it to their advantage. I think that the issue is not limited to just smaller and midsize companies. Even larger [...]
12月 272012
Running a small or midsize business is not for the faint of heart. To help you better prepare for 2013, here is our compilation of the most important tech trends to be ready for in the New Year: 1. Mobile: From payment apps like Square and Google Wallet to device-supportive [...]
11月 122012
To read more ongoing tips and insights for small and midsize businesses, follow our  SAS4SMB blog series or visi SAS for Small and MidSize Business . Small and midsize businesses live in the world of Excel. And why not? Spreadsheets are easy to use, inexpensive, and easily available – making them the [...]
9月 272012
Don't let your company size deter you. Make the case and get started with analytics. Moving from gut-feel-based decision making to an analytics-driven approach isn’t easy – especially for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) that often face IT resource constraints, limited analytical talent, tight budgets and technology gaps. But implementing [...]
8月 292012
I recently came across an article in The Wall Street Journal by Sarah Needleman on spending wisely on technology. Needleman talks about the challenges various small businesses and first-time entrepreneurs faced when purchasing technology. The challenges ranged from software upgrades to compatibility issues to scalability. I think these challenges are [...]
6月 082012
In last week’s blog titled “What is self-service BI and why should small and midsize businesses care” we established that self-service BI is all about simplicity. “EASY” defines self-service BI. But what makes a BI solution worthy of “self-service BI “ moniker? Depending on who you ask, you will get [...]
6月 022012
Recently Angela Guess posted an interesting blog at Dataversity based on findings by Nucleus Research.  The research talked about the increasing ROI organizations experience as analytics become more pervasive throughout the organization. It also pointed that the size of the organization did not impact the gains-- stating that analytics are valuable to enterprises of all [...]