Robert Allison

6月 232017

Here in the US, we typically use top level domains such as .com, .gov, and .org. I guess we were one of the first countries to start using web domains in a big way, and therefore we kind of got squatter's rights. As other countries started using the web, they [...]

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6月 202017

There have been several polarizing topics throughout history, such as religion & political affiliation. And for software developers there's one more biggie ... tabs -vs- spaces! Which group is right? Perhaps the opinion of the better programmers should have more weight(?) Is there a metric we can use to determine whether [...]

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6月 092017

If you were a fan of the original Star Trek television series, you probably remember lots of little details about the show. And you might even feel sorry for the people who don't get the clever references you make to things from the show. If you're that person, then you'll [...]

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6月 052017

As a kid who grew up in the 60s & 70s, I was a big fan of the original Star Trek TV series. And in the years since, I have seen lots of the Star Trek “technology” become a reality: cellphones, portable tablet computers, talking computers (Alexa/Siri), etc. But I [...]

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6月 032017

To stack the deck means to cheat or to fix something so a desired outcome is achieved. This term originated in card games, but can also be applied to other things. And here, I apply it (both metaphorically and literally) to creating a better graph! I recently saw the following [...]

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5月 272017

North Carolina is a very diverse state - especially when it comes to outdoor recreation opportunities. This weekend you could go hiking or kayaking in the mountains, watch a hot air balloon festival near Raleigh, and go wind surfing or fishing at the coast. And if you've got your SCUBA [...]

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5月 232017

These days, more and more people move to where the work is. And for many people in Europe, that 'where' is Germany. I recently saw an map of Germany, that showed which country had the most foreigners living in each area. It was an interesting map, but I thought I might [...]

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