Robert Allison

11月 152018

The US 'midterm' elections have finally started to wind down, and we finally have some (mostly) finalized results to study. But what's the best way to visualize who won the US congressional seats in each of the 435 districts? Let's dive into this topic!... Preparation For starters, I couldn't find [...]

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11月 092018

With the recent midterm elections here in the US, I frequently saw congressional district maps popping up in the news. And being a GraphGuy, I wanted to fully understand these maps, to see if I might could improve them. If you're interested in congressional district maps, follow along as I [...]

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11月 022018

Who says technical people can't have fun!?! Similar to Throwback Thursday / #TBT (when people post one of their old/nostalgic photos on social media), I like the tradition of Fun Friday when I use a fun data topic to test our software - a test can be just as rigorous using [...]

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11月 012018

President Donald Trump - people seem to either love him or hate him. Which makes for an interesting data-analysis topic ... tracking Trump's approval rating. Follow along as I explore some data! I'll start with what I consider the 'best' approval-rating graph I've found so far. Here's a screen-capture of [...]

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10月 252018

The other day I was playing around with the voter registration data for all ~8 million registered voters in North Carolina (yes - this guy knows how to have fun!), and I got to wondering what last names were the most common. I summarized the data by county, and the [...]

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10月 232018

This past Sunday was the last day of the NC State Fair, and we broke some records this year! Can you guess what those records were? I'll ramble on about the fair to give you time to come up with your guess, and then I'll let you know about the [...]

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10月 222018

Have you noticed a lot of graphs popping up lately, about politicians, voters, and elections? ... Well of course - it's an election year! If you follow my blog posts, then you're probably a bit "smarter than the average bear" when it comes to scrutinizing graphs. And election graphs election [...]

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10月 172018

Any of you who are even slightly into politics, or have followed any news lately, have probably seen something about the DNA test Elizabeth Warren took to prove/disprove her Native American ancestry. The test indicates she might have had a Native American ancestor 6 to 10 generations ago. That's a [...]

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