Robert Allison

4月 252018

How many planets are there in our solar system? The answer hasn't always been 9 ... er, I mean 8 (sorry Pluto!). The count has changed throughout history as we got a better understanding of astronomy, discovered new planets, and redefined what a 'planet' is. Wouldn't it be helpful to [...]

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4月 232018

Plastic pollution in the oceans is becoming a huge problem. And, as with any problem, finding the solution starts with identifying the source of the problem. A recent study estimated that 95% of the plastic pollution in our oceans comes from 10 rivers - let's put some visual analytics to [...]

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4月 192018

There were 97 e-posters in The Quad demo room at SAS Global Forum this year. And the one that caught my eye was Ted Conway's "Periodic Table of Introductory SAS ODS Graphics Examples." Here's a picture of Ted fielding some questions from an interested user... He created a nice/fun graphic, [...]

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4月 062018

During the past few days, several news outlets told us that the number of illegal border crossings 'surged' in March 2018. This is a topic that interests me, therefore I wanted to see if the data supported what the news was claiming... Trump's desire to secure the US borders is [...]

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4月 042018

Being the Graph Guy, I wanted to know about all the "data visualization" presentations at the upcoming SAS Global Forum 2018 conference. I tried going through the official interface to search for such sessions, but it was difficult (impossible?) to know that I had found them all. Therefore I created [...]

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4月 022018

If you grew up as a space-junkie kid like me, then you've probably been watching the news for the past few days, wondering when and where China's Tiangong 1 space station was going to fall out of orbit, and crash to Earth. According to Popular Mechanics (PM), that happened at 8:16pm [...]

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3月 282018

These days, it's all about music streaming ... You sign up for a service, you let them know your music preferences, and they create a virtual "radio station" that plays the songs you probably want to hear. But that just doesn't compare with going to a physical record store, buying [...]

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3月 222018

As we get into springtime weather where I live (assuming it stops snowing today!), I'm planning to spend more time outdoors paying attention to the night sky. There are lots of cool apps these days to help you identify constellations, and track things that move around in the sky. And [...]

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3月 122018

My buddy Rick Wicklin recently pointed me towards an animation of some opioid prescription rate data for Illinois. And, of course, I decided we needed a similar animation for North Carolina (with a few improvements...) Here's the original, and here are the problems that jump out at me: Counties with [...]

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