Roger Thomas

8月 212018

When you hear someone refer to an ‘inside baseball’ move, it means they’re playing into the subtleties of the game. Inside baseball requires a high level of awareness, experience, and strategic thought. This typically results in a mix of strategies to get runners on base and manufacture runs rather than [...]

Three 'inside baseball' tactics for manufacturing leaders was published on SAS Voices by Roger Thomas

6月 142018

With all the technology advancements and innovative trends driving Industry 4.0 right now, you might expect geeky topics like the Internet of Things (IoT) or artificial intelligence (AI) to be the hottest topics of discussion among industry leaders. Instead, many leaders are still more focused on workplace culture. And here’s [...]

Workplace culture still No. 1 challenge for manufacturers was published on SAS Voices by Roger Thomas

5月 072018

Remember the military computer Joshua from the 1983 Matthew Broderick movie WarGames? Joshua learned how to “play a game” by competing against other computers, got confused about reality, and nearly started WWIII. As depicted in that movie, Joshua isn’t all that different from Google’s DeepMind, which became a superhuman chess [...]

Magic vs monetization: AI tips for manufacturing executives was published on SAS Voices by Roger Thomas