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3月 262018

You have the infrastructure, and you know that DATA step would run so much better in DS2, but it’s complicated and you don’t know how to get started. Well, if you have SAS 9.4M5, rejoice! The DStoDS2 procedure is here, and it’s a humdinger! (No, Chris, not a Hemedinger… ;-) It's [...]

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12月 052017

Finding a pattern like a phone number or national ID number embedded in text can be difficult and time consuming. The traditional DATA step has a family of functions (collectively referred to as PRX functions) that allow using Perl regular expressions in your SAS programs to make pattern search easier. [...]

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8月 292017

I hate hard-coding variable lists in my SAS code. I love the special variable lists SAS provides, like name:, _numeric_, etc. But back in 2011, I wrote a post titled Jedi SAS Tricks - Building a Name Suffix variable list lamenting the lack of a special variable list in base [...]

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8月 162017

I frequently get asked about my favorite book on a particular topic, how to find free SAS learning materials online, how to get help with SAS issues, etc. This lead me to compile a "Great Resources for SAS Programmers" document which I freely share with my students upon request. So [...]

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6月 232017

Dictionary tables are one of the things I love most about SQL! What a useful thing it is to be able to programmatically determine what your data looks like so you can write self-modifying and data-driven programs. While PROC SQL has a great set of dictionary tables, they all rely [...]

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12月 292016

This SAS Jedi is very excited about the SAS 9.4 M4 release, which brought many wonderful gifts just in time for Christmas. So in the interest of extending the Christmas spirit, I'm going to blog about some of my favorites! I've long loved the SAS DO statement variant which allows […]

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