Shelley Sessoms

9月 092015

Many years ago, SAS Support Communities began as a way to connect and help SAS users. Since that time, our communities have seen tremendous growth in membership and readership. Our members show a vast diversity of interests – both in terms of the topics that they discuss and in the actions that they take to help each other.

To take to the next level, we have upgraded our communities platform and redesigned the site. This new environment will help SAS users:

  • Quickly find correct information with intuitive searches.
  • Connect with peers.
  • Share what they know.

You’ll notice some immediate benefits of the new site:

  • A quality mobile experience.
  • A new system of ranks and badges that rewards you for contributions to the community.
  • Better SPAM filters, keeping the noise level down so you can enjoy the good content.

With hundreds of thousands of visitors each week, the SAS Support Communities are a vibrant and active place for SAS customers, colleagues and experts from around the world to collaborate. You’ll find smart answers, suggestions, best practices, tips and tricks, nifty code, cool graphs, handy dashboards and more!

We’ve created several fun and informative videos to help you get started, including:

We hope you enjoy the new community.  As our tagline states, “Ask. Find. Share.” The SAS Support Communities are designed to help you learn and grow as a SAS user. Jump right in and start absorbing the collective knowledge of a world of talented SAS users.

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