Suneel Grover

9月 162020

Over the last 20+ years, global society has adopted digital devices at scale, and consumer interaction behaviors continually evolve and mature. As analysts, we're uniquely positioned to notice worldwide trends, country-specific nuances and localized market behaviors that can have significant impact on our brand's business goals. This global scope is [...]

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9月 092020

There's no question that we're all increasingly, and often exclusively, interacting with brands digitally. Consumers are now online through countless mechanisms – from laptops and mobile apps to AI-enabled voice assistants and sensor-based wearables. Engagement is diversifying in fascinating new ways. And when organizations can't see their customers interacting in [...]

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9月 022020

Customer data platforms (CDPs), data management platforms (DMPs), people-based marketing, identity graphs, and more overlapping topics represent an important ingredient of any martech brainstorming session in 2020. As your brand spreads out across touchpoints — from web to mobile applications, as well as call centers, email and direct mail — [...]

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8月 192020

No matter what your brand's level of marketing maturity is, SAS can help you move from data to insight to action with rich functionality for adaptive planning, journey activation and an embedded real-time decision engine – all fueled by powerful analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Let's begin with a [...]

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4月 162020

After careful consideration of the evolving COVID-19 situation, SAS made the decision in March to cancel the in-person SAS Global Forum 2020 conference in Washington, DC. The health and well-being of SAS customers and employees was the company's top priority in making that decision, and while it's unfortunate that we [...]

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4月 022020

In February, SAS was recognized as a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science & Machine Learning Platforms report. SAS is the only vendor to be a leader in this report for all seven years of its existence. According to us, the topic of the research is [...]

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3月 262020

Excitement levels are high for the March 2020 release of SAS Customer Intelligence 360, which includes multiple years of research and development culminating in enhancements to the platform's underlying data model. The changes will introduce the unification of a comprehensive data model recording both: Customer behavior -- what users are [...]

SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Unified data model, marketing attribution and AutoML was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

3月 192020

Digital transformation. Yup, I said it. It's over-hyped, but it's also real and powerful. While our customer-obsessed world is being liquefied from physical assets into virtual assets, and analog processes into digital processes - the world is turning into bits and bytes of data. As this trends evolves, the role [...]

SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Analytics as a guiding light was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

3月 122020

In parts one and two of this blog series, we introduced hybrid marketing as a method that combines both direct and digital marketing capabilities while absorbing insights from machine learning. According to Daniel Newman (Futurum Research) and Wilson Raj (SAS) in the October 2019 research study Experience 2030: “Brands must [...]

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3月 042020

Your brand is customer journey obsessed, and every interaction with your company provides a potential opportunity to make an intelligent decision, deepen engagement and meet conversion goals. The hype of martech innovation in 2020 is continuing to elevate, and every technology vendor is claiming the following statement: "Bolster the customer [...]

SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Marketing AI vision was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.