Suzanne Clayton

1月 242018

Are you in the early stages of your Internet of Things (IoT) strategy? According to new IoT research done by the Internet of Things Institute on behalf of SAS, you are not alone. There's been a lot of buzz in the market for several years around IoT and how it's [...]

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11月 212017

I recently spent two days with an innovative communications customer explaining exactly what SAS analytics can do to help them take their advertising platform to a whole new level. Media meets data resulting in addressable advertising. SAS would essentially be the brain behind all their advertising decisions, helping them ingest [...]

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7月 112017

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, many SAS customers who've been using our analytics capabilities for years or even decades are asking: What can we do with AI? What exactly is AI from a software perspective? How can we infuse cognitive computing into our customer interactions and on the customer [...]

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12月 232016

It's that time of year again. Holidays, parties, gifts, cooking, closing annual business, hitting targets and preparing for 2017. Looking back on the year for the communication and media industries, it has been a year of transition for the industry and for many of the customers I work with in my role […]

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10月 272016

Consumers want content 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all around the world. It's a tall order for media & entertainment (M&E) companies and a 180 degree shift from days past. How do they provide enough content to meet demand? Audiences are binge watching over-the-top (OTT) programming, creating […]

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2月 112016

Last year at Mobile World Congress (MWC), we saw the reality of the IoT come to fruition. We saw leaders like AT&T showing their prototypes of connected cars, containers, agricultural sites, homes, etc. And it's got me wondering what we'll see at the 2016 MWC. In 2015, communications and media […]

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11月 052015

Like retailers, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) interact with customers in multiple ways during the buy, use and share journey, including interactions at stores, on websites, Facebook pages, call centers, and other channels. However, unlike retailers, CSPs are having a harder time providing a seamless experience across their many channels. For example, have […]

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4月 092015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to take us into the next big technology wave, which will include a massive proliferation of personal connected devices like we have never seen before – cars, toothbrushes, household appliances, watches, medical devices, bicycles, and all sorts of things on our body and in […]

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3月 122015
The Internet of Things is coming fast and furious. We clearly know what these “things” are, and were able to see prototypes at last week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) which hosted some 93,000 attendees. Things = connected life = cars, homes (thermostats, washer and dryers, vacuum cleaners, security systems, refrigerators, etc.), […]
2月 242015
Mobile World Congress is quickly approaching. Attendees and exhibitors are feverishly scheduling meetings, doing research, and determining their areas of focus to maximize their experience of the event. If you're hoping to learn more about big data analytics at the conference, here are some helpful insights and resources to help you […]