Trent Smith

11月 122019

US military veterans are mission-focused, team-oriented and natural leaders that benefit any organization that hires them. SAS has many programs to help US military veterans find jobs within the company and elsewhere. SAS also works with veterans organizations to use their data to help transitioning military members and their spouses [...]

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4月 292019

A persistent analytics talent gap creates big opportunities for people who can wield analytics to help organizations make better decisions. Innovative analytics users and students who are rushing to fill that gap, and those who teach them, are being honored this week at SAS Global Forum. A special Sunday event [...]

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9月 192017

Though I'm more of a marketer than a technologist, I do work at a technology company, which means I'm acutely aware of the well-documented shortage of analytical professionals. But there's another shortage in the field that doesn't get nearly the attention: the dearth of women in analytics. During her Analytics Experience 2017 keynote address, Reshma Saujani highlighted the issue, [...]

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9月 132017

The government has an unfathomable amount of data -- and it grows more and more each year. This puts agencies in a unique and important position to use that data for the public good. Whether it be improving government operations, solving some of the nation’s biggest challenges or empowering citizens [...]

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8月 152017

Veterans transitioning back to civilian life face a number of challenges, many of which involve working in a non-military environment. The Honor Foundation helps Navy SEALs and other current and transitioning members of the U.S. Special Operations community enter civilian life. Last week, a group of former special operators visited several [...]

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8月 102017

The State of Illinois faces an unprecedented budget crisis, with more than $15 billion in unpaid bills. While experts will argue over the exact causes of states' financial struggles, many are pointing to the problem of state leaders avoiding long-term budgetary problems for short-term fixes. Illinois is not alone in [...]

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6月 172017

It has been almost a year since then-U.S. CIO Tony Scott introduced the federal open source policy that called for agencies to share federally-developed software source code. The policy, more than anything, aimed to make agencies more agile. Instead of redeveloping the same programs the open source policy would allow [...]

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5月 202016

If you're looking for higher pay and better opportunities, what career skills should you seek to acquire? You might think leadership or communication skills would top the list, but a recent study says otherwise. According to a massive study from MONEY and, SAS Analytics skills are the most valuable skills to […]

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10月 012015

Black Dog Syndrome may sound like the clinical term for a Led Zeppelin earworm but, as any animal shelter worker will tell you, it actually describes the challenge black dogs face in getting adopted. This phenomenon is in the spotlight today because Oct. 1 is National Black Dog Day! Black […]

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12月 072013
On Thanksgiving, I took a few moments out of my day to use the real-time Twitter search capabilities of SAS Social Media Analytics, and the search term #thankful. I didn’t do this because it’s almost year-end review time and I can say I worked on a holiday. Not entirely, anyway. [...]