advanced analytics

6月 202017

Following the UK General Election result where no political party secured a clear majority ahead of the Brexit negotiations, it’s fair to say there’s lots of uncertainty facing the UK government right now. This, and the more outward looking post-Brexit era we're facing, are just two reasons why I believe [...]

Why our future prosperity demands smart borders was published on SAS Voices by Peter Snelling

6月 072017

In a world that never stands still, especially in the post-Brexit whirlwind the UK will soon be entering, it’s imperative that government is agile and responsive. More importantly, how can this capability be arrived at without breaking the bank? The UK Government recently released its Transformation Strategy 2017 to 2020. [...]

From government digitalisation to wholesale transformation was published on SAS Voices by David Downing

5月 262017

Citizens served by the government are increasingly the same digital savvy consumers that market disruptors in banking, retail and utilities are attracting with sophisticated, data-driven online experiences. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement; consumers get to buy services in ways that suit them while businesses get the efficiencies they want, wrestling [...]

Digital government: How to make it a vibrant reality was published on SAS Voices by David Downing

5月 232017

In a recent Computerworld feature, Deanna Wise, Executive Vice President and CIO of Dignity Health, encouraged forward-thinking CIOs to develop partnerships within their organizations to drive better customer experiences that translate into revenue. Wise has a strong record of doing just that, collaborating with SAS to implement advanced analytics throughout [...]

The CIO's evolving role in the age of analytics was published on SAS Voices by Alan Cudney

5月 182017

Are you caught up in the machine learning forecasting frenzy? Is it reality or more hype?  There's been a lot of hype about using machine learning for forecasting. And rightfully so, given the advancements in data collection, storage, and processing along with technology improvements, such as super computers and more powerful [...]

Straight talk about forecasting and machine learning was published on SAS Voices by Charlie Chase

5月 012017

Machine learning seems to be the new hot topic these days. Everybody's talking about how machines are beating human players in chess, Jeopardy, and now even Go. In the future, artificial intelligence will drive our cars and our jobs will be taken over by robots. There’s a lot of hype, [...]

Autotuning: How machine learning helps optimize itself was published on SAS Voices by Sascha Schubert

3月 282017

How many meteorites have hit the earth in the last 4,000 years? Where have they landed? And which ones were the biggest? Can we show all of this information - and more in an intuitive data visualization? It turns out NASA provides public data about recorded meteorite impacts on earth all the [...]

How to design a meteorite infographic using NASA data and SAS was published on SAS Voices by Falko Schulz

3月 232017

Theresa May’s rallying vision of Brexit is to make the UK a more international, more outward looking nation. One whose future success and status on the world stage will be dictated by our ability to attract investment and finance, and to drive trade with existing and new partners. However, if [...]

Supporting the vision of a more global post-Brexit Britain was published on SAS Voices by Peter Snelling

3月 162017

There have been some rather hysterical headlines in the UK recently about immigration. Eyebrow-raising statements alluding to the Home Office (the government department responsible for immigration) losing thousands of asylum seekers illustrate that efforts to trace them are placing huge pressure on resources. This, and the more outward looking post-Brexit [...]

Why our future prosperity demands smart borders was published on SAS Voices by Peter Snelling

3月 152017

Omnichannel Analytics are helping companies uncover patterns in big data to improve the customer experience.  Using those insights, companies can anticipate what consumers are planning to purchase and influence that purchase in real time.     Companies are experiencing unprecedented complexity as they look for growth and market opportunities. Their product portfolios are [...]

Omnichannel is changing the way we view demand planning was published on SAS Voices by Charlie Chase