advanced analytics

6月 052012
Fraud detection presents myriad analytical challenges: gathering sufficient known cases to make typical modeling techniques possible, gathering inputs from disparate data sources, and combining expert knowledge from investigators with findings to be gleaned from the data in an efficient way. Of course, analysts can fall into the trap of thinking [...]
5月 242012
In evolutionary biology there is an interesting concept called “punctuated equilibria,” which is used primarily to explain why the fossil record seems to abruptly change after long periods of apparent calm, or ‘stasis’ as it is called.  To understand this better, think of a stairway where the length between each [...]
3月 092012
At Predictive Analytics World San Francisco this week I attended back to back sessions on econometrics, a word that doesn’t surface as often as I think it should. Bestselling books like Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything or Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our [...]
3月 072012
Bill Franks knows a thing or two about big data. As Chief Analytics Officer at Teradata, Franks works to help determine the right strategies and positioning for his company in the advanced analytics space. Franks has taken his knowledge and written a book that answers questions such as: What is [...]
2月 102012
My colleague Geoffrey Taylor recently wrote about the education and training of analytic resources and the potential shortage of these resources in the job market. My other colleague Russ Cobb addressed building an analytical workforce in his recent entry. What’s on my mind is what happens when you finally find [...]