2月 072019

Each day, more than 130 Americans die from opioid overdoses. Combating the opioid epidemic begins with understanding it, and that begins with data. SAS recently partnered with graduate students from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) 's Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy to understand how data mining and machine [...]

An unexpected weapon in the fight against the opioid epidemic: Graduate students was published on SAS Voices by Manuel Figallo

11月 132013
Last month we looked at the first five of ten key practices SAS has found effective in our ongoing adoption of agile practices. Let’s jump in and look at the next five. Provide coaching options. Great teams have great coaches. Give access to professional coaching as needed, and leverage the agile successes by [...]
10月 142013
Look anywhere within the software industry, and you’ll see agile under construction. You’ve read about how it’s helping teams streamline large projects into smaller ones that are easier to manage and deliver. Being swift and agile has long been one of our company values here at SAS, and executing with [...]
7月 192012

If you've heard anything from SAS in recent months, then you've heard about high-performance analytics and the new SAS Visual Analytics offering. SAS has taken the high-performance analytics message around the world in a series of recent "road shows".

From the start, this project has enjoyed a different development process than most traditional SAS software. The development team moves fast, responding to customer feedback and industry needs at an unparalleled pace for a SAS offering. They are Agile with a capital "A".

During a SAS Global Forum Tech Talk I sat down with Nascif Abousalh-Neto, one of the development leads for SAS Visual Analytics. He demonstrated the product for us, and he also described his team's development process.

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My favorite part of the story is that the visual analytics project did not begin as a vehicle for high-performance analytics. Its original charter was simply to provide an intuitive UI to SAS' analytics capabilities, without requiring much intervention from an organization's IT staff. When SAS CEO Jim Goodnight asked them to focus on delivering results against big data from a high-performance environment, the team didn't miss a beat. Now Dr. Goodnight personally demos the software to audiences everywhere. That's a testament to Dr. G's technology street cred, but it also shows the solid result of an Agile process.

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