11月 112020

New and more prescriptive privacy and other data-related regulations are elevating data governance to a strategic asset for organizations in all sectors. Data governance can no longer remain confined to a back-end IT operation. As the data-rich financial services sector is now moving fast towards more profound digitization of financial [...]

Data governance: The renewed imperative for digital financial institutions was published on SAS Voices by Kalliopi Spyridaki

4月 162020

After careful consideration of the evolving COVID-19 situation, SAS made the decision in March to cancel the in-person SAS Global Forum 2020 conference in Washington, DC. The health and well-being of SAS customers and employees was the company's top priority in making that decision, and while it's unfortunate that we [...]

SAS Global Forum 2020: Hybrid marketing with SAS Customer Intelligence 360 was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

4月 022020

In February, SAS was recognized as a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science & Machine Learning Platforms report. SAS is the only vendor to be a leader in this report for all seven years of its existence. According to us, the topic of the research is [...]

SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Analyst viewpoints was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

3月 262020

Excitement levels are high for the March 2020 release of SAS Customer Intelligence 360, which includes multiple years of research and development culminating in enhancements to the platform's underlying data model. The changes will introduce the unification of a comprehensive data model recording both: Customer behavior -- what users are [...]

SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Unified data model, marketing attribution and AutoML was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

3月 172020

Data management has never been the shiny object that caught the imagination of the mainstream. And let’s be honest, it's not nearly as interesting as analytics, machine learning or artificial intelligence. In fact, entire movies get created about analytics, and people actually pay to see them! Data management? Not so [...]

Past, present and future ... it's always been about data management was published on SAS Voices by Todd Wright

3月 122020

In parts one and two of this blog series, we introduced hybrid marketing as a method that combines both direct and digital marketing capabilities while absorbing insights from machine learning. According to Daniel Newman (Futurum Research) and Wilson Raj (SAS) in the October 2019 research study Experience 2030: “Brands must [...]

SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Hybrid marketing and analytic's last mile [Part 3] was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

3月 052020

Fifty years ago, as the women’s liberation movement was gaining momentum in the U.S., my maternal great-grandmother, Pearl, worked in a factory sewing American flags while volunteering with the Girl Scouts and caring for her grandchildren. My paternal grandmother, Greta, also worked in local factories while caring for her family. [...]

50 years of strong, intelligent women was published on SAS Voices by Ashley Binder

1月 312020

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it affects our  lives -- there are even AI toothbrushes! But how do businesses use AI to help them compete in the market? According to Gartner research, only half of all AI projects are deployed and 90% take more than three [...]

Driving faster value from analytics – how to deploy models and decisions quickly was published on SAS Voices by Janice Newell

1月 172020

Where in your business process can analytics and AI play a contributing role in enhancing your decision making capability?  At the information interpretation stage.  As a framework for understanding what analytic and AI opportunities may arise, the simple diagram below illustrates the relationships between data, information and knowledge, and how [...]

Opportunities for analytics: Interpretation was published on SAS Voices by Leo Sadovy