9月 142018

What’s that buzz on the power line? It’s AI, of course! But what is AIoT, you ask?  It is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to data from smart devices connected by the Internet of Things (IoT). AI is the science of training systems to perform human tasks through learning and automation. [...]

Five ways that AIoT delivers value to utilities was published on SAS Voices by Alyssa Farrell

5月 312018

Called out as two common IT threads in my December blog post, how do artificial intelligence and automation connect with another prominent movement, the Internet of Things (IoT)? First, consider these 2017 predictions in the IDC FutureScape on IoT. By 2019, At least 40 percent of IoT-created data will be stored, processed, analyzed [...]

Toward the artificial intelligence of things was published on SAS Voices by Oliver Schabenberger