analytics conference

7月 302014
A few years ago I discussed the idea of analytic resources as ‘all-stars’ rather than ‘rock stars.’ While this previous blog certainly touched on the team aspect of analytic work, recently I’ve been thinking about just how much teamwork is required to make an analytics project successful. From extracting data, […]
6月 092014
Predictive analytics is changing the way the public sector prevents fraud by helping to stop it before it happens. I interviewed Ian Pretty of Capgemini at the Analytics 2014 conference in Frankfurt about how the government is using analytics and why it’s important.   For more videos from the conference, […]
5月 202014
Giovanni Monopoli is the Strategic Analysis and Financial Planning Manager within the Finance Department at QVC Italy. Next month, he’ll be presenting at the Analytics 2014 conference in Frankfurt, Germany about how the broadcast channel uses analytics – specifically SAS Forecast Studio. With live broadcasts 17 hours a day, QVC […]
5月 162014
In just three short weeks I’ll be in Frankfurt, Germany for the Analytics 2014 conference. There will be hundreds of people from 32 different countries in attendance. It will be exciting to hear how people all over the world, in many different industries, are using analytics. As host of the […]
3月 072014
Customer intelligence (CI) is critical for companies today. It can help you stay ahead of your competitors by giving you the right information to attract customers. Dr. Christophe Muse can teach you how to adopt new analytical and data-mining techniques for advanced customer intelligence applications. I interviewed Dr. Muse at [...]
1月 302014
Last year’s keynote Will Hakes said it best, "If I don't attend this conference, I'm actually falling behind." That’s because the Analytics Conference series is a place where you can learn about the latest tools and tricks to help you improve your analytics – and your business. This year the [...]