analytics platform

10月 122018

Note: Today’s utility industry is in upheaval. All of the assumptions the business has run on have been turned on their heads. This post is the first in a three-part series looking at how analytics are helping utilities navigate this challenging landscape and find new opportunities for improvements in operations, [...]

The digital utility era is here -- and now it’s time for a platform was published on SAS Voices by Mike F. Smith

12月 072017

The primary obstacle to becoming a data-driven business is that data is not readily available, leaving valuable insights unused in data silos. To overcome this hurdle, today’s companies are creating a new role: Chief Data Officers (CDO). Responsible for unlocking insights hidden in data silos, the CDO is tasked with [...]

Are you ready for the Chief Data Officer challenge? was published on SAS Voices by Helmut Plinke

9月 152017

The intelligence community needs to revamp its approach to analytics -- and that means creating an analytics strategy that will change the status quo. The challenges facing analysts are consistent throughout the strategic, operational and tactical levels of intelligence operations. The intelligence cycle (see diagram below) is a great teaching [...]

Embracing analytics: A path forward for the intelligence community was published on SAS Voices by Mary Beth Ainsworth