9月 252010
As a kid growing up on the farm, I knew the difference between good quality tools and cheap imitations. Farm equipment was very unforgiving to tools, so the cheap imitations wouldn’t last long. Fast-forward to being an adult living in a suburb of Minneapolis, and I quickly became a fan of Northern Tool + Equipment (NT+E), which was based about 10 miles from where I lived. Their products were very good quality, and although I wasn’t changing the shanks on a chisel plow anymore, it was still nice to use tools around the house that were solid and reliable. So when I was given the opportunity to participate in a webinar with David Hildebrandt, the Database Marketing Manager for NT+E, it brought back some nice memories from my past.

Not only do they make good tools, NT+E is also very good at marketing – and I’m very happy that SAS can be a part of their success. About 5 years ago, NT+E implemented SAS Marketing Automation. This was a big decision for this relatively small, conservative company considering they would have to develop the capabilities in-house, but they made the leap away from using an external service bureau for marketing services to doing it on their own. Well, from more sophisticated campaigns to better predictive modeling, the improved performance results were almost immediate. According to David , “The whole process was better, faster, and cheaper than we imagined. The time needed to create mailing campaigns was drastically reduced. What used to take the service bureau weeks to do now only takes us a couple of days.”

There are several additional comments that could summarize their results, but I think the one from Chuck Albrecht, their president, says it the best, “Our credo has always been: ‘the right tool for the right job.’ SAS Marketing Automation is exactly the right tool we needed to grow our business.”

Check out more of the Northern Tool + Equipment story in the paper: Capturing Customer Value in a Multichannel World (pdf).

9月 072010

I came across this blog by Jim Sheppard (@seosheppard) last week; The Evolution of SAS and Search Engine Marketing, featuring a video by Dr. Pat Stroh - VP, Analysis & Decision Support at IMPAQT.

IMPAQT 'specialize in the data-rich, Search-specific area of online marketing' and in the video they discuss how, by using analytics, they are able to save their clients $10,000s in keyword bidding and probably generate $millions in extra sales.

Previously, IMPAQT suffered from the all-too-familiar pain of analytical marketers; too much data to make sense of. In a business where the choice of search term and the price you pay for it can mean the difference between a successful campaign and an ineffective one, the ability to rapidly gain insights from millions of rows of data is business-critical; in fact, it is the business!

IMPAQT have also gone past the point of simply collating and reporting on the data, they are now able to optimize 1,000s of words and bid prices daily to allow their clients to make critical marketing decisions based on sound analysis. Furthermore, their speed of analysis allows them to track and forecast the outcomes of campaigns whilst the campaign is active; ramping up sucessful campaigns and strengthening weaker ones.

Enjoy the video:

Text Analytics at the M2010 Data Mining Conference

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8月 312010
Are you attending the Data Mining Conference this year? If your plans bring you to Las Vegas this October, you'll want to know what Terry Woodfield is up to! Terry is teaching his new course, Text Analytics with SAS Text Miner, at the upcoming M2010 Data Mining Conference. Terry has been a SAS instructor for more than 10 years and has attended several Data Mining Conferences. He took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions from Michele Reister on The SAS Training Post blog. To learn more about this new course at the Data Mining Conference and some of the things he is looking forward to at M2010, you can read the original blog post.
7月 202010
Back in April we hosted Text Analytics 101, the first in this year’s Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series. As many of you know, organizations today are faced with a flood of text-based content, a shortage of domain and subject-matter experts and an inability to analyze data in an automated, consistent manner. So we created this 101 session to provide practical, accessible advice about the methods and technologies that will enable you to improve efficiencies, ease staff resources and seamlessly incorporate text-based insights for better decisions. SAS’ Kathy Lange & Fiona McNeill walked 350+ attendees through a Text Analytics overview.

We had registrations from the US and 40 other countries and attendees joined us from a vast array of industries including communications, education, Federal Government, Financial Services, Health and Life Sciences, Retail & Manufacturing and State and Local Governments. Of the 350+ attendees about 40% of them responded to the post survey questions and shared some interesting feedback with us regarding the stage of text analytics adoption that they are in. From the results it looks to me like majority are in initial investigation & some more 101 sessions might just be what folks need to help understand the landscape.

Other attendees were assessing vendors, enhancing existing methods, some were reviewing technologies and several were already implementing and a couple were already in a testing phase. How about your organization? What phase are you in?
4月 212010

No more teachers, no more books!! Now in its second year, SAS' "Applying Business Analytics" Webinar series has proven to be a powerful resource for many people. In 2009, more than 4,500 customers and prospects participated in the nine live and on-demand webinars, representing more than 3,200 organizations around the world on topics including Analytics, Data Management & Reporting.

So, why should you pay attention to the series this year? Beginning April 21 with, Text Analytics 101, and running through November, the Applying Business Analytics Webinar series will enable you to learn from the best business, product marketing and tech experts as they highlight the value of a complete business analytics framework.

You are welcome to join the sessions live or view on demand at your leisure. The Webinars will each follow a "101" format, helping set a foundation around each of the Webinar topics, which include: Hope you can join us & I'll see you online soon!


SAS CMO Jim Davis Talks about SAS Social Media Analytics, Technology

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4月 142010

Dave Thomas interviews SAS CMO Jim Davis at SAS Global Forum 2010 in Seattle. Davis talks about the launch of SAS Social Media Analytics and the apparently awakening over analytics even in a tough economy.

Web Links:

3月 272010
About a month ago, I was telling someone a story about my morning jog. I described what I do as “ambulating”. She looked at me strangely and asked if I worked in the medical field because no one uses the word “ambulate” in everyday language. I laughed and said, "no." I explained that I hate to use the term “run” or “jog” because it might insult people who are really good at that kind of exercise. My speed and form leave a lot of room for improvement!

Actually, I am in the Americas Business Analytics Practice at SAS and my team works with many organizations on a wide variety of analytics projects. With SAS’ recent release of our new Text Analytics offerings , we’ve been busier than ever. Companies around the world are asking for more information about how to apply the technology to their business problems. They understand that they have been accumulating a lot of text data, without gaining much business value from it.

I have this theory that there are two distinct types of people, those that are most comfortable with ”math and science”, and those that are most comfortable with “language." I refer to the first group as being from the “Math World” and the second group from the “Word World." Text Analytics requires people from both worlds to come together to interpret words and concepts in context, organize, explore, and analyze them to provide actionable insights for business.

Although I consider myself from the “Math World,” I guess my recent work in the “Word World” has bled into my personal life. We are working with an insurance company to categorize various accident and injury reports for more rapid claims processing as well as provide risk assessments. Synthesizing medical terminology in the claims might be how “ambulate” snuck into my vocabulary.

In a recent article titled "Text Analytics – Two Worlds Collide" published in BeyeNetwork, I tried to demystify Text Analytics, by creating parallels between the “Word World” and the “Math World”, and by providing lots of examples of how text analytics could be used in business. I tried to make it as jargon-free as possible.

Which “world” do our readers consider themselves from?
2月 132010
Whew! What a jam packed 4th quarter, holiday season, and fast paced New Year start we've had at SAS. Lots has happened since our last blog post in November, with the big news hitting the blog-o-sphere Feb 10th by Waynette Tubbs when she saw one of Manya Mayes's recent presentations.

Yes it's true, our latest and greatest version of SAS Text Miner is now available. We are making our external announcement officially at the Predictive Analytics World Conference, a business-focused event where Data miners and Text Mining professionals, managers and commercial practitioners from around the globe will gather this coming Tuesday and Wednesday in San Francisco.

At the conference, attendees will listen to SAS' featured sessions, including Manya’s Social Media and Sentiment presentation, see live demos of solutions at our Booth, and talk with Bay Area SAS users to learn how SAS is helping them drive top-line results.

If any of you reading this blog plan on attending and have not yet registered, you are welcome to save 15 percent by applying our discount code of SASPAW010 when you join in the fun. Everyone who preregistered received this email yesterday inviting them to a one-on-one face to face meeting with a SAS expert to address whatever specific questions they may have regarding our external product launch of Text Analytics & our newly announced leadership position in "The Forrester Wave: Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Solutions, Q1 2010."

My co-workers will be Twittering with the hashtag of #paw on site with other conference attendees who are encouraged to share their excitement and reactions so the rest of us back in the office can see what's going on remotely.

2010 brings new faces into the SAS Text Analytics world, including a new product manager and marketing manager, who will be introduced in a future blog post. For me, I am shifting my attention to the analytics field of my graduate degree - namely Operations Research. At a time when business executives are finally overcoming their fear of numbers and coming to realize the value of analytics and management science, many are still feeling their way toward adoption of O.R. consultants and technologies. The INFORMS professional society just posted a nuts-and-bolts podcast where I explained the virtues of operations research first from my experiences as a career officer in the US Air Force and then from my SAS perspective, as I gather success stories from customers benefiting from applying these technologies.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and Happy Valentines Day to each of you! You are the reason that keeps me coming to work each day. Together we can keep the passion alive.
6月 272009
SAS is sending data & text mining experts (including Teragram employees) over the ocean to Europe for two different events this week.
We'll have a booth in the exhibit hall at KDD09 Sunday through Wednesday. If you are one of the lucky ones attending KDD, mark your program to attend the panel discussion to listen to Dr Wayne Thompson from SAS talk about Emerging Trends in Open Standards and Cloud Computing for Data Mining .

Even if you don't make it to the KDD conference to personally pick up the new book authored by the conference chair John Elder , you can experience our Software-on-Demand version of data mining by buying his book, "Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications."

The second event where you can find us is at the SAS conference devoted to ANALYTICS called A2009 in Denmark July 1,2. The program is online. There you can read the abstract about the a Swedish Insurance firm that studied hand written notes collected by police officers and security guards during 2004-2007.

At both shows, you'll be able to see live demos of our software and pick up a hard copy of the most recent fact sheet, highlighting the enhancements that are now available with the TEXT MINER 4.1 version that was made available to customers 5 weeks ago. Those of you reading this blog that haven't yet seen it may want to read the fact sheet on our SAS 9.2 release of Text Miner on the SAS website.

What does your summer hold for you? Do you have travel plans to shows or conferences with text analytics tracks or sessions included? Please add a comment to this blog and do share!