1月 272017

In my last post I described "4 adaptability attributes for analytical success," and in the past I've discussed the strategic role analytics play in helping organizations succeed now and into the future. Now I'd like to discuss three attributes that define a powerful analytics environment: Speed Accuracy Scalability [NOTE: Any […]

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1月 262017

Are you one of those people who get easily bored at amusement parks? Would you like something to do while your friends/family are waiting in line for a ride? Perhaps I have an alternate ides, to keep you busy - survey markers! When surveyors are measuring and marking areas for […]

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1月 202017

I continue to find the concept of explaining analytics through storytelling intriguing. As I have written before, at first blush this did not seem immediately clear to me. The advice to use storytelling appeared somewhat vague, trite and without substance. More importantly, it seemed to conflict with the rigor required […]

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1月 202017

"They'll eat you out of house & home! Their food bill will put you in the poor house! ... And they never gain an ounce!" - That's what my friends say about their teenage sons. They're probably exaggerating a little, but since it's a recurring theme, there's probably some truth […]

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1月 182017

Here in the US, it's Girl Scout cookie season. This is when you get to spend a few bucks on cookies, break your New Year's resolution about losing weight ... and feel good about it, because the money's going to a good cause. Or is it? - Let's break down […]

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1月 182017

Improving citizen happiness is an important goal for many, if not all, governments.  But what is happiness really?  Can it be objectively measured?  Can we discover the key factors that best correlate with happiness?  And ultimately, can governments implement policies and programs that maximize happiness? Is maximum happiness nothing more than […]

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1月 172017

After reading a recent LinkedIn post by Jeff Haden, "Want to Achieve Lifelong Success? An Army Ranger Says You Need This 1 Trait the Most", (spoiler alert: It's adaptability) something occurred to me. One of the reasons I enjoy solving business problems with analytics is that analytics is all about […]

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1月 172017

For many years, the Toyota Prius was the hybrid with the best mpg - but in 2017 that's changing! Let's examine the data ... For analyses like this, I have found the website to be a wonderful source of information. In recent years, they've even made all their data […]

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1月 132017

They say "a picture is worth 1000 words" - and I think it might be more like 2000 when it comes to planning out fun/interesting things to do in  a new city! I'm going to the SAS Global Forum (#SASGF) conference in Orlando this year, and I was wondering where […]

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1月 132017

A number of posts on SAS Voices have touched upon the theme of modernization. This is certainly a hot topic with our customers as many of them continue to be interested in taking advantage of the evolving software landscape. The thing is, modernization can be hard. I should know, I’ve been […]

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